LabCheck Instructions


These instructions are for Engineering courses which have been provisioned for remote access to computer labs.

Course instructors: 

  • Please follow this guide to verify all of your course staff are in the course staff AD group: Instructor Tools
    • Membership in this course staff group enables remote access to the provisioned lab(s).
    • All students enrolled in the course will have the same remote access. For un-enrolled students, graders, auditors, etc. see the linked article above.
  • Depending on how your course is structured, you may want to assign students/groups to numbered workstations.
  • If the lab is configured for a Hybrid setup (allowing both remote and in-person logins), it is very easy for a remote user to be kicked off of a computer by an in-person user. If running at or near the lab's capacity, please make sure to structure and moderate student usage of the computers.


  • Click here to log in to the LabCheck application.
    • To access LabCheck using an EWS guest account, login using (replace ### with the appropriate number). You will still click the "Illinois Login" button and not the "Or login as guest" link.
      Login button

  • Select a building to view labs and their current availability (example below).
    • Example lab

  • Refer to the color key to identify available remote computers.
    • Color legend

  • Click the number on a PC marked as Available Remote and follow the instructions on-screen to connect to the PC.

  • Faded colors indicate computers which have been inactive for over 2 weeks.

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