Zoom, Sign In Requirements

The article discusses Zoom sign in requirements for campus accounts.

Due to new restrictions by Campus Security and the Office of the Chancellor, ALL UIUC Zoom accounts will be required to sign in to Zoom using Single Sign On (SSO) beginning February 7, 2021 at 7:00am. For more information on the new restrictions, see the January 20th Massmail

Quick Tips

  • These requirements DO NOT apply to outside participants. They are still able to join University meetings using their previous sign in method! Outside participants will simply need to create a free Zoom account (at https://zoom.us/signup), if they do not already have a personal Zoom account. Participants from other Universities and organizations with Zoom portals will be able to access meetings using their own account.
  • These requirements DO APPLY to campus resource (non-person) accounts.
  • The change will affect authentication for the Zoom desktop application, web portal (zoom.us), as well as Zoom meetings and webinars (if meeting authentication is required during scheduling).
  • How do I sign-in with Single Sign On (SSO)? For information on signing in using SSO, please see the article "Zoom, Logging In".
  • When given the option always sign into UIUC Zoom by choosing the either "Sign In with SSO" or "SSO".

Troubleshooting Tips

Error Message about an account block?

If you receive the following message, "Your account yourNetID@illinois.edu is blocked for 30 minutes due to reaching the maximum 6 failed login attempts." You may have a stored password that is causing issues for you. 

  • Please close ALL active browsing sessions then log out and fully close the Zoom Desktop application.
  • Please clear any old, stored passwords associated with zoom.us or illinois.zoom.us in your default web browser.  You will find your default web browser... in System Preferences -> General (Mac) or Settings -> Default Apps (Windows).
  • Additionally, you may need clear your cache and cookies. Information about how to clear your web browser can be found here: Browsers, Clearing Cache and Cookies
  • If you use a password manager like Keychain (Mac) or KeePass you also likely need to delete the old passwords associated with zoom.us from there too.
  • After you have cleared the cache and cookies in your default web browser, and cleaned your password manager of any passwords associated with zoom.us, please log in to UIUC Zoom following the instructions here: Zoom, Logging In (illinois.edu).
  • Ensure you have the word Licensed located under User type in your Zoom profile after you have logged in. (See photo in step 6 of Zoom, License Eligibility, Why do I only have Zoom 'Basic' Access? (illinois.edu)
If your access is time sensitive, the Technology Services Help desk (Consult@illinois.edu or 217.244.7000) can unlock your account before the 30 minute time limit. However, you will still need to perform the steps listed above.

Error Message about Login Method?

FROM THE WEB: If you receive the following error message while attempting to authenticate at zoom.us with "work email type" (Zoom credentials) stating you are unable to login and you should try another method (see picture below), please click the "SSO" button near the bottom left of the page. You will be redirected to the campus Shibboleth login page where you can enter your campus NetID and password to properly login.

Sign in error message. Use SSO by clicking the SSO button near the bottom left.


FROM THE ZOOM DESKTOP APPLICATION: UIUC Zoom users who attempt to authenticate using the Zoom desktop application will see the error message below. Please click the "Sign In with SSO" button to the right of your email address. You will be redirected to the campus Shibboleth login page where you can enter your campus NetID and password to properly login.

Desktop application error. Please click sign in with SSO.

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