Adobe Sign - Editing/Review Page

The Editing Page is accessible after processing through the Send page on Adobe Sign if the Preview and Add Signature Fields Checkbox is checkmarked at the bottom of the send page. It can also be accessed by going to Manage and clicking Edit on a Draft agreement.

Adobe Sign can be accessed here:

Note: If you attached multiple documents in the Send page before this screen, it will now appear as a multi-page pdf.

Relative to Page: Check-marking this enables placed fields to be aligned in relation to the document instead of dragging the field.  

Image showing Relative to Page and its Options

Field Types

The right-hand column holds the fields available to be placed into the document(s).  Below are some descriptions and explanations of what is located in each.
When you find the field you want to insert, hold left click over the field and drag it over to the document.


Switching between recipients and anyone allows the editor to see what fields will appear for a specific recipient or multiple people.  Note the color changes for various fields that are assigned to different people.

Signature Fields

  1. Signature - Common signature field for signing a document.  Recipient will have the option to use Typed Text, Draw, Image Upload and Mobile Signature. The latter option will ask for a phone number and allow the recipient to draw the signature on their smartphone.

    Image of Signature Panel seen when signing.

  2. Initials - Allows the recipient to mark with their initials.
  3. Signature Block - Combines the Signature and Email fields together into one.  Allows recipient to sign their name and leave an email for further contact.
  4. Stamp - Allows the recipient to leave an image acting as a stamp on the document.

Signer Info Fields 

  1. Title - Field for the recipient's title.
  2. Company - Field for the recipient's employer company.
  3. Name - Field for the recipient's name or preferred name.
  4. Email - Field for the recipient's email address.
  5. Date - Field for the date of the recipient's signing or approval (set to auto fill depending on the date the document is viewed/signed).

Data Fields

  1. Text Input - Text field for paragraphs or statements on the document.
  2. Drop Down - Allows a drop down with customizable options.
  3. Check Box - Inserts a checkbox for the recipient to checkmark. 
  4. Radio Button - Inserts one or more radio buttons for the recipient to select.
  5. Image - Allows the recipient to insert an image to the document (e.g. a headshot for photo ID)

More Fields

  1. File Attachment - Allows recipient to attach a file to the document.
  2. Hyperlink - Inserts a hyperlink that will take the recipient to the desired website or page within the document.

Transaction Fields

  1. Participation Stamp - This stamp is applied after the document is signed to document when and who signed the document.
  2. Transaction Number - Auto-populates with a unique number identifying the document in the Adobe Sign system.  

Saving Progress and Send

If you have to step away from the editing process or want to make sure progress is kept, click Save Progress to save this document as a draft.  If the window is closed for any reason, you can access this editing page again by clicking on Manage, then Draft.

Clicking Send at the bottom right will send your documents as-is to the recipients and the agreement will proceed.

Save as Template: Check-marking this option, located above the send button on the bottom right of the page, will save the form as a template that can be used in future Adobe Sign agreements on the Send page.

Image of the template, send, and save progress button.

For even more info on Adobe Sign, U of I Tech Services has an answers page:

If you have any questions or concerns with the above information, please contact your IT department for further assistance.

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