FAQs: SCS Online Ordering (Reaction)

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Ordering for Reaction.

Helpful Job Aids

Reaction Login

To login to Reaction, go to https://reaction.scs.illinois.edu (Requires VPN)

Who do I contact to gain access to Reaction

Send an email to systemshrly@scs.illinois.edu. You should include your name, NetID, and reason for needing access.

New SCS faculty and staff are typically added per request of their department, upon hire.

If you are a student, please indicate your faculty research group. 

Can I access this system off-campus?

Yes. However, you will need to use a VPN client to do so. Email SCS Computing staff at scs-help@illinois.edu if you have questions about installing a VPN client.

I am away from my computer and need to approve an order. What do I do?

Contact the SCS Business Office:

With your authorization, the order can be approved by the Business Office Staff.

How do I change/update my delivery address?

  • Login to the system.
  • In the shaded "Welcome" area at the top of your screen, select Update User Info

Update User Info

How do I learn what the alias/index code is for my account(s)?

  • Login to the system.
  • From the left menu tree, select CORE.
  • Next, select Manage My CFOPAs

CORE module

  • Your alias/index code is listed in the 2nd column. This is a 6-digit code assigned by campus when your CFOP is set up as a shorter way to identify your CFOP.

CFOP Alias location

I am a PI or a responsible approver on an account. What is a 'group' and how do I create one?

As a faculty member or supervisor, setting up a group in Reaction is the simplest way for you to be able to manage all orders for your employees/group members.

To set up a group:

  • Login to the system.
  • From the menu tree at the left, select USER
  • Next select GROUPS.

Adding a group

  • Then click Add Group

Add a Group

  • After you create the group, you can add members by selecting the Add Member option on the right side of the screen. You will need to enter each member's netID and then select Save

Add Member

Add Member dialog

How do I see orders for others in my group?

  • Login to the system.
  • From the menu tree at the left, select PROCUREMENT 

Procurement module


Find Purchase Requests

  • From this screen select Show all purchase requests for my group

PRs for my group

What do I do if I need to set up a standing purchase order?

Michelle Davis handles the set up and monitoring of all Standing Purchase Orders that will be issued on SCS, Chemistry, or ChBE accounts. Contact her at madavis2@illinois.edu or 300-3376 with questions or to set up an order. These are currently not housed in the Reaction system.

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