Zoom - Join Zoom while attending an in-person class - Audio Settings

How to participate via Zoom while in the same room the meeting is being hosted from.

In general, we encourage people to participate directly in live classes by watching the content on the shared screens and using in-room microphones to ask questions and contribute comments. Rooms 429 CMWT, 527 CMWT, 316 CMWT, 367 CMET, 2175 COMRB, and 227 CMWT all have in-room audience microphones to allow free audience participation in Zoom or other meetings. Additionally, any class recorded in Echo will only pick up the audio if participants use microphones.

In some cases, you may wish to join a Zoom meeting from your own device while it is occurring live in the same room with you. In that case, it is very important to control your audio settings in order to not create audio feedback in the room.

Do Not Connect Audio

When joining the Zoom meeting, your device's Zoom client or web interface will ask you to connect your Zoom audio to some audio input, like the microphone on your laptop or phone.

If you are in the room where the meeting is occurring, it is important NOT to connect your audio. Simply X out and close that window prompt.

You will not have audio connected. See the screenshot below for an example of this prompt that you should close without selecting an option.


Disconnect Audio

If you have made a mistake and did connect your Zoom audio, or your Zoom audio connects automatically, you can disconnect it.

  1. Select the small carat or arrow to the right of the active or muted microphone/audio icon

    This will open a pop up menu.
  2. Select "Leave Computer Audio" from the list


    If you have connected by phone to the meeting, simply hang up the call and your Zoom audio will disconnect.

No Audio Connection in Zoom Meeting - correct setting when you are in the room where the meeting is hosted!

Simply muting your microphone is not sufficient for this scenario. When your audio is appropriately disconnected in this situation, the icon will look like a set of headphones with an arrow inside, like this:


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