iSchool Classroom, LIS 12A

This article notes the different features of the classrooms in 501 East Daniel Street and their A/V features.
501 E Daniel Room 12A
Room 12A is equipped with the following Room 12A is NOT equipped with
  1. Seating for 34
  2. A built-in computer
  3. A built-in speaker
  4. A projector and screen
  5. An HDMI cable for attaching a laptop
  6. A panel-controlled A/V system
  7. A whiteboard
  1. Solstice
  2. LED Screen
  3. A built-in camera
  4. A built-in microphone

Room Layout

Room 12A is located in the basement of building 501 E Daniel of the iSchool.

Picture of Room 12A layout


This room contains a built-in Macintosh computer capable of running a bootstrapped emulation of Windows. Using the built-in computer is the optimal way to use this space.

If you prefer to use a laptop, the best way to do this is by using the HDMI cable and the attached dongle, if you need to adapt the port for your device. After attaching the HDMI cable to your device, change the display input on the wall-mounted console from "PC" to "HDMI". The selected input button will glow slightly.

This room does not have the option of connecting wirelessly via Solstice.

Picture of the Room 12A panelThe TV in Room 12A, set to the Bootrunner screen.

A view of the room from the front, showing the computer monitor and 8 tables.The HDMI cable and adapter.

The control panel in room 12A, shown above, provides users with the following options:

  • Power: Turns on and off the systems for the projector  

  • Mute: Pauses the projection  

  • Volume: Controls volume for built-in speakers (please adjust volume on built-in or laptop first) 

  • PC: This enables you to project the built-in computer to the television screens. This is the optimal way to use these rooms. If you have a guest joining online, please use this setting. You can also join the same meeting on your laptop (muting your laptop's audio to prevent feedback) for ease and comfort, but be sure the built-in computer is handling sound. 

  • HDMI 2: This enables you to project a laptop screen via an HDMI cable. 

  • VIDEO: This will give you the same options as PC (in rooms with Solstice capabilities this will be the setting you will need to use)
  • VGA: This will give you the same options as PC


If you need online meeting capabilities, like Zoom, there are no cameras or microphones in this room.

There are options for these to be set up within the room with prior notification to the iSchool Help Desk.


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