iSchool Rooms: How to Connect to the Television with a Laptop via HDMI (Non-Panel Rooms)

A guide to connecting a laptop to the television in a room without a control panel.

These instructions are for rooms without control panels (4018 and 4031). If you are in a room with a control panel, please see How to connect the televisions to the laptop via HDMI (Control Panel Rooms).

  1. Find the HDMI cable connected to the television

  2. Take the loose end and plug it into the laptop leaving the other end connected to the television. 

    1. If the laptop does not have an HDMI port, you will need to use a dongle (adapter). You can borrow one from the Help Desk if you don't have your own.

    2. When connected with a dongle, sometimes the screen will fracture into horizontal bars or the display will split and show part of another display. This is because the dongle is not strong enough to handle the high resolution and you will need to use a different one.

  3. Turn on the television using the red power button on the remote control. Please report missing remotes to the Help Desk.

    1. Remote control. The power button is at the top left of the control. The "Source" button is on the top right of the control.

  4. Press the Source button on the remote control and select the laptop from the list of available sources on the television. It will be listed as HDMI 2 Unknown. If you do not see this source listed, unplug the HDMI cable from the laptop and plug it back in.

  5. If the television says "detecting device", you can skip this process by clicking the return button on the remote. You can skip any setup instructions that display on the television. 

  6. The laptop should now be connected to the television.

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