iSchool Rooms: How to Connect to the Television from a Laptop via HDMI (Panel Rooms)

A guide to connecting a laptop to the televisions in a room with Control Panels

These instructions are for rooms with control panels. If you are in a room without a control panel, please see How to connect the television to the laptop via HDMI (Non-Panel Rooms). These instructions specify use with a laptop, but other devices which can be connected via HDMI (phones, tablets) can be displayed as well.

  1. Find the HDMI cable. In room 4035, 4165 and 5116, the HDMI cable will be located on the cabinet by the control panel. In the Multi-Purpose Room, the HDMI cable is stored in the cabinet under the north television. It can be plugged into a port on the south wall to the left of the televisions, beneath the unused control panel. It is labeled Laptop A. Check individual room pages for maps. For 501 E. Daniel classrooms 12A, 46, 53, 131, and 242, the HDMI cable will be located near the built-in computer on the desk. For classroom 126, the HDMI cable is located inside the pull out drawn on the right end of the desk.
  2. Take the loose end and plug it into the laptop leaving the other end connected to the television. 
    1. If the laptop does not have an HDMI port, you will need to use a dongle (adapter). For 614 E. Daniel conference rooms, you can borrow a dongle from the Help Desk if you don't have your own. 501 E. Daniel classrooms have a dongle tied to the HDMI cable that you can use.
    2. When connected with a dongle, sometimes the screen will fracture into horizontal bars or the display will split and show part of another display. This is because the dongle is not strong enough to handle the high resolution and you will need to use a different one.
  3. In 614 E. Daniel, turn on the televisions by using the control panel. This will be on the table or cabinet except In the Multi-Purpose Room where it is located on the north wall to the left of the televisions. In 501 E. Daniel classrooms 12A, 46, 126, 131, and 242, turn on the projector by pressing the Power button on the control panel. In classroom 53, turn on the television by pressing the power button on the television itself (located on the left side of the screen).
  4. Follow the instructions on How to use the control panel (Room 4035, 4165, 5116) or How to use the control panel (Multi-Purpose Room) to choose which screens and speakers will display laptop contents. For 501 E. Daniel classrooms, follow the instructions on How to use the control panel (Room 12A, 46, 53, 126 and 131).

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