iSchool Conference Room, 4043/4045 (Multipurpose Room)

Covers the Multipurpose Room (4035/4045): a conference/study room on the 4th Floor of 614 E Daniel which can be reserved during working hours (9am - 5pm on weekdays), and the room's control panel

Equipment Overview

Equipment Overview

The MPR is equipped with the following:

  1. Seating for 126
  2. A whiteboard
  3. 3 wall-mounted televisions
  4. An HDMI cable for attaching a laptop to the television
  5. A built-in computer
  6. A built-in microphone and speaker system
  7. 3 built-in cameras
  8. A projector and screen (screen covers whiteboard)
  9. A tablet-controlled A/V system
  10. Solstice and Airplay for streaming



View of the Multi-Purpose Room from the study area to the Southwest. There are rows of tables with chairs, the TV on the North Wall, and the projector screen on the East wall.

View of the Multi-Purpose Room facing West. There are rows of tables with chairs, TVs on the North and South walls, and large windows in the far wall.

A panoramic view of the Multi-Purpose room seen from the south.

A panoramic view of the Multi-Purpose as seen from the doorway in the north wall. There are two TVs on the facing wall and a projector screen on the East wall, to the left.


This room contains a built-in computer. Using the built-in computer is the optimal way to use this space, especially for Zoom calls as only the built-in computer connects to the built-microphone and cameras.

If you prefer to use a laptop, the best way to do this is by using the HDMI cable because more issues arise when connecting wirelessly.

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