ACES Technology services, Turner Hall W9

This room is a Crop Sciences Classroom.

Room Information

  • For more information/training on this room, please contact us at:
    • E-mail:
    • Phone: (217) 244-6407
  • To Reserve the room: Click here and enter the required information.
  • This room accommodates up to 32 attendees. For information on all classroom capacities: Click here

Equipment in this room

  • Resident Desktop Computer with Monitor 
  • Wireless Presentation Device
  • Two projectors
  • Speaker/Microphone
  • Touch Panel (source options include VGA, HDMI, PC, Wireless)  
  • Logitech pointer presented on Resident Desktop- Assists with slide navigation and laser pointer 



Connections and Adapters Available

  • HDMI  hdmi
  • VGA  vga
  • Dell 4-in-1 Adapter (includes: HDMI, USB-A, Ethernet, VGA)

Meeting options

  • Zoom presented on Resident Desktop Computer using Webcam on the Monitor.
  • Teams presented on Resident Desktop Computer using Webcam on the Monitor.

Useful links

How to use the Wireless Presentation device: Click here
View pictures of the room: Click here
Helpful Zoom information: Click here 

How to use the Technology in the room:

Touch Panel Guide

1. Touch the Power ON to begin


2. There are 4 options to Present:

  • Select PC, if presenting through the resident computer, enter your UIUC login credentials
  • Select Wireless, if presenting through WIFI device.
  • Select Laptop HDMI or Laptop VGA if connecting your device through these ports


3. If Presenting through Wireless Device: Select the Wireless option on the Touch Panel 

  • The Solstice app should already be installed on your system if not please install the app by going to the Web browser, enter the URL shown on the screen
  • The screen on your device will display two options:
    • Install Solstice pod (Click this to install the app)
    • Already have my app installed (Click this to open the app)
  • After opening the app, enter the 4 digit code displayed on the screen, in to the app
  • Or if the app is listing the classrooms, click on the desired classroom to present, enter the 4 digit code displayed on the projector screen
  • Click on the desired classroom to present
  • Click on the required screen i.e "Desktop" to share from the app, on the mobile device
  • The Device will screen sharing
  • Disconnect the device when done with presenting

You can find more information on wireless presentation here:

4. When done please click, System off and Power Down if there are no other classes


Room Pictures

View from the front                                                                                                 View from the back

2              4


View of the table with equipment                                                                            View from the side

6              5


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