Microsoft Teams, Recommended Phone Devices for Gies

This article specifies the current recommendations for phone hardware in the Gies College of Business. They are all Teams Certified and tested with campus phone systems. If you have any questions about compatibility or features or would like a tailored recommendation, please contact the Help Desk at or 217-244-0812.

Note: "Teams Certified" devices are fully qualified to work with campus systems, including E911. "Teams Compatible" devices are not. Look for the Teams Certified logo before purchasing a device.

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This Microsoft article lists all supported USB telephony devices.

For conference phones or accessories, here is the compatibility chart of all handset and conference phones.



Wireless Headset - most Bluetooth headsets have a good chance of working with computers with built-in Bluetooth. Feel free to check with IT Partners before purchasing.

Wired Headset - By far, the most convenient and affordable phone devices are wired headsets.

Who should use this? We recommend these for anyone who doesn't have a strong preference or need for a handset or speakerphone capability.

The following have all been tested working with MS Teams and Zoom. Others may also work; be sure to buy the Microsoft Teams-certified version. All MS-certified USB devices are listed in this Microsoft article.


Jabra Evolve 20 MS - on-ear, stereo - CDWG #4633917 - $35.10



Jabra Evolve 30 II MS - on-ear, stereo - CDWG #4633923 - $56.17



Poly Plantronics Blackwire C3220 - CDWG #7597337 - $38.61

(For Mac and Windows computers with ONLY USB-C available)  



Poly Plantronics Blackwire C3220 USB-A - CDWG #7597502 - $41.24

(For Windows computers with USB-A ports)



USB Handset (no longer recommended)

Basic USB Handset - This is the direct replacement for the Polycom CX300 and Plantronics P540-M handset.

Who should use this? We recommend this for individuals who prefer a handset over a headset and who need speakerphone capability. It is not recommended for shared workstations or Macs.

Yealink MP50 CDW6391435

Yealink MP50 USB Handset - CDWG #6391435 - $92.32

As of 2022-11-02 - Yealink has confirmed that they will continue to offer the MP50 and/or a successor, and CDW currently has plenty in stock. If that changes, this article will be updated.


Basic VoIP Handset - This is a direct replacement for the Yealink T42S.

Who should use this? An IP phone is a good option when the phone needs to ring even if someone isn't signed in. We recommend this for shared workstations like front desks staffed by student workers who answer a main line and Mac users who have a need for a handset.

Yealink MP54 CDW6499856

Yealink MP56 Skype for Business VoIP Phone - Ethernet Passthrough, PoE - CDWG #6110690 - $214.37

Note: As of September 2023, IT Partners is no longer recommending the MP54. Please purchase the MP56 and be aware that it requires your computer to have Bluetooth to operate correctly.


If you would like a tailored recommendation, please reach out to the Help Desk at

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