Set Adobe Acrobat as the PDF Default in Windows 10

If Adobe Acrobat is installed but PDF files unexpectedly open in programs other than Adobe Acrobat, set Acrobat to be the PDF file default app:

  1. Hold the Windows logo key (just to the left of the space bar) and, while doing so, press i -- this will bring up the Windows Settings console.
    When this console appears, click on "Apps."
    Windows Settings console

  2. When "Apps & features" appears, click on "Default apps" at the left.
    Windows Settings, Apps & features, Default apps circled

  3. To find "Set defaults by app," pictured below. Scrolling down the page may be necessary, depending on the computer's display resolution.
    Set defaults by app

  4. On the "Set defaults by app" page, click on Adobe Acrobat DC, which will reveal the Manage button; select it.
    Set defaults by app, Adobe Acrobat DC, and Manage button

  5. For any of the file types listed at the left that do not already have Adobe Acrobat DC listed as their default, click on whatever app is listed and choose Adobe Acrobat DC, instead.
    In this example, Microsoft Edge was the app associated with the .pdf file extension.
    Click on the app to change and then select Adobe Acrobat DC
    Changing the default for the .pdf file extension

  6. There will likely be two listings which do not have an app associated; you can leave those alone.
    When finished, these file types listed at the top of the list should look something like this:
    Completed work example of the Adobe Acrobat DC set as the app for file extensions

  7. Any settings changes made on this page are automatically saved. Close that console when finished.

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