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eLearning: Classroom Recording Checklist

Checklist for Engineering instructors using classrooms equipped with Mediaspace recording.

For classroom recordings, the scheduled recordings will start and stop at the scheduled class meeting time. For more about Class Recordings, please see: eLearning: Recommended Teaching Resources and Tools

Power on the AV System

  • Upon arrival in the classroom, use the control panel at the podium to start the system. 
  • Connect your device or login to the the classroom computer.

Wear the Lapel Microphone

  • Wear the microphone properly
    • Clip it at about the center of your chest at about the height of where the top of your shirt pocket is or would be. 
  • Bring spare 9V batteries. We do our best to restock but it's good to have some just in case.
    • Verify that the microphone has at least 2 bars.
    • Replace the battery if it has only one bar.
    • Charging dock: If there is a recharging dock at the podium, remove from charging base and ensure microphone has at least 2 bars.
      • After use, replace the battery pack to the dock and ensure good connection.
  • Check that the microphone is unmuted at the control panel.
  • If applicable, plug the microphone you were issued into the belt pack transmitter.
    • Squeeze the button on the connector to release the room’s existing standard microphone from the belt pack transmitter.
    • Gently insert the connector on your microphone into the belt pack transmitter--it will only fit one way; please don’t force it in.

Image showing microphone connection

Considerations During Instruction

  • Use a document camera or tablet instead of white board whenever possible.
  • Limit your horizontal movement. Staying in a smaller area in the front is a better option for recordings.
  • Keep the lights on in the classroom during the lecture. The light does not affect how well the students can see the projector screen since it is being recorded separately from the camera. 
  • Use the mouse pointer or the stylus instead of laser pointers. 
  • Use a reminder slide to verify the AV system and microphone are checked prior to each class session.

After Class

  • Turn off the microphone and the AV system once the lecture is done.
  • Replace microphones to charging docks, if applicable. 

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