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How do I add a printer in CSL?

This document lists printers available to CSL residents and links to instructions for installing them.

For an overview of printing across the college, please see Engineering College Printing.

CSL printing privileges

Important: All public printers in CSL and CSL Studio are only allowed to be used by their respective building residents. If you don't have printing privileges, you will receive an "Access denied" error.

Note: If you recently changed your password and are also receiving an "Access denied" error, you may just need to update your saved password. Instructions to update saved passwords are available in the OS specific documentation linked below.

You are automatically granted printing privileges to CSL and CSL Studio printers if you have a job appointment in the CSL, ITI or TEC units. You will not automatically receive printing privileges if your graduate appointment is in any other department (ECE, CS, etc.). If you are a CSL resident working with a professor in the CSL, ITI or TEC units and would like to receive printing privileges, please ask your clerical support staff or your professor to email and let us know to provide your NetID with printing privileges.

CSL printers list

The following public printers are available for all CSL residents. They are located in the hallways.

Name Location Model
csl-1s-bw01 South wing of the 1st floor HP LaserJet 600 M608
csl-2n-bw North wing of the 2nd floor  HP LaserJet M611
csl-2s-bw South wing of the 2nd floor HP LaserJet M606
csl-3n-bw North wing of the 3rd floor HP LaserJet M604
csl-3s-bw South wing of the 3rd floor  HP LaserJet M611
 csl-4n-bw North wing of the 4th floor  HP Laserjet M507
csl-4s-bw South wing of the 4th floor HP Laserjet M507
csl-ncpd-copier East side of CSL Studio in
the parking garage
Canon ImageRunner 3480
The instructions below explain how to install printers on your device from Engineering IT's print server. The print server lists printers from all Engineering departments, so please take note of the name of the printer you want to install above, so you know which printer to find and install.
Please do not install printers that you do not have physical access to. Any printers not listed above may only be used with permission from the owner.


Please see the following documents for instructions on how to install Engineering college printers on different operating systems.

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