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Event Attendance - How to Start a Secure Kiosk Session

This tutorial will show how to start a kiosk session and why it should be used.
Kiosk Mode essentially locks the Event Attendance app to remove all options except entering attendance. This is useful in situations when an attendance station is unmanned or unsupervised so that people aren't able to change anything within the event attendance application. 

The session will automatically time-out after 24-hours. 

1.) Navigate to the Take Attendance tab and create your event. You can decide whether to associate it with a unit group or course. Once you select your options, click the green 'Next' button. 

2.) Type in the title of your event and click the green 'Go' button. 

3.) You will be brought to the event's page. Click the red 'Advanced Options' button near the top. 

4.) From here, click the blue 'Start Secure Kiosk Session' button. 

5.) A window will pop up detailing what Kiosk Mode entails. Note that if you want to change anything or exit the kiosk session you need to close your browser and then log back in. 

You will be able to view the attendees in the Reports section. 

At this time, also select whether you will be using a card scanner or not. 

Then click the 'Start Session' button.

6.) Once you are in Kiosk Mode, you will notice that the administrative options on the left hand side have disappeared and the icon on the top right corner that usually shows who's logged in has switched to a robot face. 

Here you can start logging attendance by typing in netIDs and UINs or using the card scanner. 

7.) Note that when you take attendance, the person's information does not show up. You will just be able to see if the last check-in was successful and how many people have checked in. 

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