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Endpoint Services recommends auditing your deployments on a recurring basis to avoid deployment issues. This guide provides methods for auditing application deployments and application references in task sequences.


Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM)

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Methods for auditing application deployments and references

  1. Navigate to '\Software Library\Overview\Application Management\Applications'

  2. Click inside the search bar, then select 'All Subfolders' from the search ribbon (top of the console, left side)
    1. MECM search all subfolders

  3. Right-click the column header and select 'References' from the list

  4. Click inside the search bar and press Enter to display all applications

  5. Sort by the References column in descending order

  6. Select an application, then select 'Deployments' or 'Task Sequences' from the bottom window

  7. Right-click any column header in the bottom window and add the 'Assets Targeted', 'Compliance' and 'Date Created' columns, then sort by each of these columns (one by one) to find 'high impact' deployments
    1. MECM application references

  8. After identifying obsolete deployments or references, delete the deployments and/or delete the application steps in the task sequence (or delete the task sequence if it is obsolete)

  9. Navigate to '\Monitoring\Overview\Deployments'

  10. Sort by one of the following columns to find 'high impact' deployments - Assets Targeted (descending order), Compliance (ascending order), Date Created (ascending order)
    1. If these columns are not visible, right-click any column header and select the missing values to add those columns

  11. Delete obsolete deployments and/or deploy an uninstall of the respective application

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