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Keeping track of commitments is a job in itself. Remembering deadlines/due dates, planning which nights to schedule homework, and trying not to forget any of it can be exhausting. The To-Do List helps you keep track of your tasks, organize your responsibilities, and plan ahead.

Create categories to organize your tasks. Check your week at a glance with the visual representation of your commitments. Set reminders so you never forget what comes next. The To-Do list helps you manage your responsibilities so you can focus on the task at hand.

Feature Requirements

Privacy Level Level 4 or Higher
(Profile> My App Privacy Settings > Manage and Understand Your Privacy)
NetID Sign in Required
(Settings > Sign In/Sign Out)
Profile Setting University Student and University Employee
(Profile> Who Are You)

Create a To-Do Listcreate to-do list

Add a New Item (Simple)

  1. Tap +Add Item on your Favorites screen or on the To-Do List screen.
  2. Type in a short title for the task in the Item Name field.
  3. Tap Save.

Add a New Item (Detailed)

  1. Tap +Add Item on your Favorites screen or on the To-Do List screen.
  2. Type in a short title for the task in the Item Name field.  
  3. Tap Optional Fields to expand the section containing item details.  
  4. Any or all of these Optional Fields may be filled in or left blank: 
    • Use the drop menu to select a Category
    • Use the Due Date calendar to enter a due date for the item.  
    • Use the drop menu to set a Reminder.  
    • Use the Days to Work on Item calendar to select a date or multiple dates during which you will make time to work on this task.  
    • Type in a Location where the task will occur.  
    • Type in a short Description of the task.  
  5. Tap Save


Create a New Category

  1. Tap Manage Categories
  2. Type in a short title for the new category in the Name field.  
  3. Tap a colored circle to assign a color to the category.  
  4. Tap Save.

Manage Existing Categories

  1. Tap Manage Categories
  2. Create a new category OR tap an existing category from the list to edit its details. 

Manage Your To-Do List manage to-do list

Once you create a list of items and assign them categories, you can return to the list to edit item details, mark items as complete, and sort items by category or due date.  

  • Tap the white circle to the left of each item name to mark it as complete.  
  • Tap the pencil icon to the right of each item name to edit the item and its details 
  • Tap the small arrows next to each category name to collapse and expand the list under each category.  
  • Tap Clear Completed Items to quickly delete all items that are marked as complete.  
  • Tap Daily to view your To-Do List items sorted by due date.  
  • Tap Category to view your To-Do List items sorted by category. 
  • Tap Reminders to view your To-Do List as a calendar of reminders.  
    Note: Items without due dates or categories attached to them may appear under Unassigned Items.

Manage Remindersmanage reminders

Reminders can be attached to any item with a due date. Setting a reminder will allow you to focus on other tasks and rest assured that your phone will send you a notification when the due date for an important task is approaching.  

You must have Notifications enabled in your Settings for Reminders to work properly.

Add a New Reminder

  1. Add a new item OR tap an existing item on your To-Do list to open it in edit mode.  
  2. Tap Optional Fields to expand the section containing item details. 
  3. Tap the Reminder drop menu to select a time at which you want the reminder to notify you.  
    • Morning Of will remind you at 9:00 am on the morning of the due date.  
    • Night Before will remind you at 5:00 pm on the evening before the due date.  
    • Specific Time will allow you to choose the date and time of the reminder.  
    • None will remove the reminder.  
  4. Tap Save to set the reminder.  

Change a Reminder

  1. Tap Reminders to view the To-Do list on a calendar.  
  2. Tap the circle on the calendar that corresponds to the reminder you want to change.  
  3. Tap the reminder time to adjust the time on a clock.  
  4. Tap Set Reminder.  
    Note: You may also tap any item on the To-Do list to edit the reminder through the Optional Fields in the item details. 

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