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How can I change my Personal Spam Policy?

Change your Spam Policy
  1. The Web Interface allows you to view your quarantined messages and manage your account using a web browser.
  2. You can open a browser and point it to the following URL:
    • Log in with your campus NetID and password.
  3. After the web page opens, Click on the Profile tab in the lower-left corner.

Select a desired policy under "What type of spam detection do you want?" Click Save.
  • The different policies are explained below

Note: An additional policy called "Default" is listed as an option; this default policy is the same as: "Cautious Plus, No Quarantine".

The five ways for handling 'likely' and 'certain' spam are referred to as Personal Spam Policies

Here are the policies:

  • Default Policy:  Cautious Plus and No Quarantine
  • Cautious: Possible, likely and certain spam is sent to your Quarantine, a server space where spam is held for 10 days.
  • Cautious Plus: Possible and likely spam is sent to your Quarantine, certain spam is automatically deleted.
  • Aggressive:Possible spam is sent to your Quarantine; likely and certain spam is automatically deleted.
  • No Quarantine: Possible spam is delivered to your mailbox; likely and certain spam is automatically deleted.
  • Cautious Plus, No Quarantine: Certain Spam and Known Virus are deleted Possible Spam and Likely Spam is delivered to your mailbox.
**The Default Policy is enabled until the user changes it to another policy. 

The following chart illustrates the email delivery differences in the policies:

 CautiousCautious PlusAggressiveNo QuarantineCautious Plus, No Quarantine
 Personal Spam Policies
Not Spam (spamscore=0-49)delivereddelivereddelivereddelivereddelivered
Possible Spam (spamscore=50-79)quarantinedquarantinedquarantineddelivereddelivered
Likely Spam (spamscore=80-98)quarantinedquarantineddeleteddeleteddelivered
Certain Spam (spamscore=99-100)quarantineddeleteddeleteddeleteddeleted
Known Virusdeleteddeleteddeleteddeleteddeleted


If you switched to the No Quarantine policy, then suspect messages will no longer be stored in quarantine. 

If you do not want an 'empty' daily spam digest then uncheck the box next to "Send digest even when I have no messages in my End User Digest" on the "My Settings" page.

Review the Spam Control FAQ for additional information.


For general support please contact the Technology Services Help Desk.

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