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IT Pros, Mailing lists, tools, and regular events for campus IT professionals

These mailing lists, conferences, and workshops may be of interest to campus IT professionals.

Conferences and events

  • The IT Pro Forum takes place twice a year in Urbana and once a year in Chicago. 

  • The U of I Web Conference takes place once a year in Urbana.

  • The IT Pro Caffeine Break series takes place every week at 9 am Friday at rotating locations around campus. Weekly details are sent to CCSP and to the Caffeine Break mailing list (described below).

  • Video captured from these events is stored in the Campus IT Pro Videos channel (login required for access).

  • The Recurring meetings of interest to the campus IT community wiki page contains several monthly or biweekly events for groups including accessibility liaisons, cybersecurity liaisons, web hosting customers, and more. You can find opportunities there and/or add your own.

Mailing lists

To subscribe to most of these mailing lists: 

  1. Visit and use the Campus Login button.
  2. Search for the name of the list you'd like to join with the Search for Lists icon. (You may need to scroll down for this button to appear.) 

(Alternatively, you may be able send a blank email message to The subject line of your message should be formatted as:  subscribe listname Firstname Lastname. However, problems have recently been reported with this method.) 

In some cases, additional list security has been established by the list owners. Those cases and their subscription methods will be described below.
  • Want the IT news but not the conversations? The Tech Support mailing list (list name: techsupport) is for announcements to the campus IT community. CCSP is a subscriber of Tech Support, meaning that if you're on CCSP, you don't also need to subscribe to Tech Support separately. However, if you find CCSP is too high-volume for you, you can get the highlights reel by subscribing to Tech Support without CCSP. An archive to Technology Services' messages to Tech Support are available on the Tech Services IT Staff Resource Guide web page.
  • System-specific mailing lists:
    • Mobile Computing (list name: mobilecomputing)
      Periodic discussion of topics related to mobile devices, tablets, and phones.
    • Mac Administration at Illinois (list name: macadmins)
      All things Mac-related.
    • Windows 10 Support (list name: tenprosupport)
      Discussions of Windows 10 campus adoption, migration, and updates. 

    • MECM Endpoint Management (email to join the list)
      A list for communications from the MECM team and discussion of MECM implementation on campus.
  • Topic-specific mailing lists, approximately alphabetical by list topic and/or title:
    • Accessibility (list name: accessibility)
      Discussions, announcements, and workshops relating to improving IT accessibility. Light volume.

    • AV Pros (list name: av-pros)
      A list for the discussion of AV (and surrounding topics) by campus AV & IT professionals. 

    • Bulk Purchasing (email to request to join)
      A list for discussion and information for IT Pros who purchase computer equipment on behalf of their teams and/or units or advise unit purchasers. Vendor negotiations and updates are shared here, primarily for Dell and Lenovo endpoints, but it is open to any IT equipment purchasing topics.

    • Caffeine Break (list name: caffeinebreak)
      Once-weekly information about that week's Friday morning Caffeine Break seminar series, for those who may be interested in the topics without the volume of the full CCSP mailing list.

    • Campus Computer Lab Discussion List (list name: labmasters-l)
      Discussions, announcements, and tours of campus learning spaces. Light volume.

    • Campus Knowledge Base administrators (list name: uofi-kb-admins )
      Discussion among groups and departments with Knowledge Base ( spaces

    • Illinois Higher Ed Tableau Users Group (subscribe at
      A mailing list for Tableau software users.  

    • Printing (list names: and
      Information about the Printing for Departments service. Email to join.

    • Research Support Community (list name: research-support-community)
      A campus-wide network of professionals from many domains dedicated to connecting researchers with the people and tools they need across organizational boundaries.

    • Security and Privacy Community (list name: ps-techliaisons)
      Event announcements and discussions about IT security and privacy related topics.

    • IT Security (list name: it-security)
      Also a security-related mailing list.

    • Illinois Webmasters (list name: webmasters)
      Discussions of web-related content and development issues, workshop announcements, and more. Moderate volume.

    • Women in Technology (list name: wit)
      A collaborative discussion space for women in technology at the University of Illinois.

  • More campus computing-related mailing lists are available at

Teams and chat groups

Microsoft Teams and other chat services offer community spaces for IT pros to gather as well. 

Request for Help Desk Tools Access

Please see Help Desk, Help Desk Tools Access Program

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