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Amazon Web Services (AWS), Pricing, Console Basics, Cost Explorer, Budgets, & Training Opportunities

Is there training for AWS? How do I determine how much using the service it will cost?

AWS accounts through the university offer an educational discount of 11% off the retail prices listed in the AWS Pricing Calculator. The university is also not charge for network traffic out to the Internet (also knows as an egress waiver) as long as this cost does not exceed 15% of our overall bill.

A video of AWS Technical Account Manager (TAM) Chris Bell provides an overview of AWS console basics, cost explorer and budgets. Each AWS account can have multiple budget settings to monitor usage. From the AWS Console, you can navigate to the Billing service to define a monthly Budget, spending limits and alerts.

There are a variety of ways to get help with your AWS account.

  • Each AWS account also offers Enterprise Support from AWS. You can submit a ticket to AWS using these Enterprise Support instructions.
  • You can also schedule a meeting with our AWS team using AWS Office Hours.
  • Reach out via email to the Cloud Team at
  • Submit a help ticket and assign it to the UIUC-TechServices-Amazon Web Services team.

The AWS Pricing Calculator provides a way to estimate the cost of services on AWS.

Training opportunities, workshops, and other news are posted on the site and in the AWS@Illinois team on Microsoft Teams.

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