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WiFi Reboot Completed

Posted: 12:29:16, Friday, Jul 29, 2016   Expiration: 14:00:00, Friday, Jul 29, 2016  

The reboot of all wireless access points has been completed.

UPDATE (1:10 p.m.): Tech Services has rebooted all wireless access points across campus. If you experience any further issues with WiFi, please report them to the Tech Services Help Desk by calling 244-7000 or emailing consult@illinois.edu.

Technology Services is rebooting all wireless access points across campus in order to resolve unplanned issues with the WiFi service. 

This will be done several buildings at a time, and all of the access points should reset simultaneously within a given building.  This will cause roughly a two minute WiFi outage as the access points reboot. 

We began the reboots shortly before 12:30 p.m. and we expect to be able to complete this campuswide reboot over the lunch hour.

-- University of Illinois Technology Services: Brian Mertz

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