Zoom: A Safe, Inclusive, and Accessible Space for ALL

Zoom at Illinois is meant to be a SAFE, INCLUSIVE, and ACCESSIBLE working and learning space for ALL. It is the responsibility of the meeting organizer/host to ensure this standard is met. The links below are to help you get started; the information here is not all-encompassing.

***Worried about outside participants? They are still able to join University meetings! Outside participants will simply need to create a free Zoom account (at https://zoom.us/signup). Participants from other Universities and organizations with Zoom portals will be able to access meetings using their own account. Participants with a personal Zoom account will also be able to connect. Effectively, "Anonymous" access to meetings will no longer be permitted.

Learning How to Login Properly to avoid missing meetings or classes

Zoom, Logging In (illinois.edu) (in-depth article)

Quick Checks to ensure you've logged in properly:

Securing Your Meetings

Zoom, How to protect your sessions (illinois.edu)

Zoom, Using authentication to limit access to your virtual event (illinois.edu)

Need to secure an existing meeting? If you created the meeting in Compass or Learn@Illinois, please make the changes there; otherwise follow the steps listed below: (full directions with pictures)

  • In your Zoom or email application, open the existing meeting.
  • Expand the "Advanced Options" section.
  • Check the box next to "Only authenticated users can join" and click the "Save" button.

Participants having trouble accessing your secure meeting? If participants are not signed in to a Zoom account or UIUC Zoom account, they will receive an error message stating they are not authorized. Ask them to sign-in to their account in order to attend your event.

Using Live Transcription

Zoom, Live Transcription (illinois.edu)

Planning Your Events

Zoom, Planning your event (illinois.edu)

Zoom, Meetings vs Webinars (illinois.edu) 

Illinois Compass 2g, Instructors, Adding a Zoom meeting

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