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Teams, Troubleshooting for Auto Attendants and Call Queues

On this page you can find answers to some frequently asked questions about Auto Attendants and Call Queues

Note: This KB is an evolving work of progress. 

If you’re having issues with Auto Attendants(AA) and Call Queues(CQ), the following guidelines might help you resolve them.

If you’re an agent

Why am I not receiving AA/CQ calls?

  • Check your Presence setting. By Default, all agents only receive calls if they are set as Available as we have made Presence Based Routing the Default for our Tenant.
  • If you are in a formal response group where you need to manually sign in before you can take calls, you might be toggled off. From the ... icon at the Top of Teams, click Settings. On the Calls Tab scroll to the bottom to the Call Queues section and ensure the toggle is set to the Right.
  • You may not be a part of the AA or CQ in question.
  • If you are still experiencing difficulty, contact the Help Desk for assistance.

Why can’t I sign in to a formal group through the Calls App Settings in Teams?

  • If the Calls Tab shows your CQ but has no Toggle then the CQ you are a part of is set to Informal. If this CQ needs to be formal, please reach out to your IT Pro.

Why did I receive a Call Queue call that rang and then suddenly stopped?

  • Another agent answered the call. You will receive a notification that indicates which agent answered the call.

If you’re calling an AA or CQ

Why can’t I find the AA/CQ by typing its name in Teams?

  • Each AA or CQ starts with TeamsCQ- or TeamsAA- before the name of the queue. An Example queue would be TeamsCQ-UnitName-PhoneFunctionOrLocation

Why didn’t the Auto Attendant take it into account when I pressed a DTMF tone?

  • Dual-tone multifrequency (DTMF) tones are detected only after the welcome message has been played.
  • You may have called an Auto Attendant that is set to Force you to listen to the menu options before being able to proceed. By Default this is Not Enabled.

What can I do if the AA doesn’t properly recognize my voice response?

  • Speak clearly into the microphone. Be sure there is not too much noise around you.
  • If the AA misinterpreted your response and moved to the next question, you can’t go back and must start from the beginning.

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