ClassTech, Software Request

How to assist an instructor with requesting additional software on the classroom PC.

An instructor requests new software for the resident PC

  • Get the user's location and NetID.
  • Check the software list ( to see if the software is already installed. If it's not on the list, direct the user to the software request form. 
  • If they do not have time to fill out the form, you can get the necessary information from them and fill out the form on their behalf.
  • Inform them that it takes 2 weeks to process software installation requests. 
  • Make a ticket noting what you did. Put in in the Tech Services.Computer Labs.Software request area and the work type as Information. Be sure to change the group back to TechSvcs-Help Desk and assign it to yourself. You can then resolve the ticket. The request form goes directly to ICS and they will create a ticket to actually process the request.
  • If they want a status check on their software request, look up their ticket by NetID.