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KnowledgeBase, Submitting Feedback and Suggestions

There are several different ways to submit feedback and suggestions to the KnowledgeBase team. Completing one of these forms will create a ticket with the UIUC-TechServices-KnowledgeBase group in TDX, where it will be seen by the Knowledge Management team. Any and all feedback is encouraged, and will be used to improve the documentation wherever possible.

Submit a suggestion

This button is present in the menu on the left side of all KnowledgeBase pages. It leads to this FormBuilder form for KB suggestions.

Make a Suggestion

At the bottom of every article page, the Feedback section of the table includes a Suggest a new document link.

At the bottom of the search results page, there is a Suggest a new document be created link.

These links lead to a built-in "Make a Suggestion" form in the KnowledgeBase software. It allows you to input a subject, keywords, and information about a new document you'd like to be created.

Comment and Suggest Keywords

At the bottom of every article page, the Keywords section of the table includes a Suggest keywords button. Clicking it will produce a text box where you can input new keywords you recommend for the article you're viewing. In addition to the KnowledgeBase team, these are sent in an email to the document's owner.

The Feedback section of the table includes a Comment button that links to a feedback form pre-filled with the referring article in its Subject. These comments are also sent to the document's owner.

Helpful and Unhelpful

The Feedback section of the table also includes Helpful and Unhelpful buttons. Clicking these increases the numbers next to them, which Knowledge Management team members and article owners use to gauge the effectiveness of the article.

Other Requests

Requests for access changes, enhancements, article reviews, and other issues can be made by submitting a ticket using this TeamDynamix form.

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