Technology Services Printing, User Credits and Alternate Billing

This article will help department IT Professionals and Business Office staff understand how to provide credits or alternate billing for their users.

The appropriate method depends on the use case and will require some planning before implementation. For help using these options please contact your department's IT Professional Printing Administrators or Technology Services Printing for Departments (

The options listed here apply to printers which are configured for billing, and does not apply to printers that are only tracking jobs.

All of these options must be setup in advance before a user prints. The system will not change how a job is billed after it has already been submitted to the printer. Any option that accepts a CFOP must have that CFOP specified and configured before the user prints.

Understanding Printing Accounts

The printing system tracks every print job using different accounts. Which account is used and how it is configured determines if and how the job is billed.

Personal Accounts

Every user in the system has their own set of private Personal Accounts which are not shared with other users. Billing for a personal account can be to the UIN, IlliniCash, or not billed and only tracked. Every user has these Personal Accounts but not all of them have funds. You can see your list of Personal Accounts by logging into PaperCut, selecting "Summary", and looking at the "Balance" section.

Most Personal Accounts are not available on all printers. Departments choose which Personal Accounts are available on their printers and then when a job is billed to a Personal Account, this priority is automatically selected for the user. For example, a user cannot choose to apply their Engineering credits on a Library printer because the Library has chosen to not allow that Personal Account on their printers.

Shared Accounts

Users might have access to one or more Shared Accounts in the system. Unlike Personal Accounts, a Shared Account is shared for use by many users and a user might have multiple Shared Accounts. Billing for Shared Accounts can be with a CFOP or not billed and only tracked. You can see your list of Shared Accounts by logging into PaperCut and selecting "Shared Accounts".

Most Shared Accounts are not available on all printers or for all users. Departments can limit a Shared Account to a group of printers by placing the group name in the name of the account. Users might have a Shared Account selected for them automatically, or they might see a popup window after they print asking them which Shared Account they want to use for that job.

Shared Accounts have different types depending on how they are configured:

Tracking Shared Account: this is a Shared Account without a CFOP attached. Jobs printed using it will only be tracked and not billed.

CFOP Shared Account: this is a Shared Account with a CFOP attached. Jobs printed using it will be billed to the CFOP specified when the billing cycle for the month is run.

Individual Shared Account: this is a Shared Account that is assigned to a single user instead of a group of users. It can be useful for tracking jobs printed on behalf of someone else or providing department credits to a user that doesn't involve their Personal Account.

Credit and Billing Options

There are a number of options a department can choose for user credits and billing other than the default. Most of these options can be presented together to satisfy different use cases.

TypeScopeMFP/Embedded DevicesUsersPCClient/WebPrintBilling TypeCan Restrict?
Zero Charge & DiscountedDepartmentNoUINNot RequiredPersonalNo
Credit AccountDepartmentYesUINNot RequiredPersonalYes
Shared AccountDepartmentYesAllRequiredCFOP or NoneYes
Individual Shared AccountsDepartmentYesAllRequiredCFOP or NoneYes
IlliniCash BillingCampusNoUINNot RequiredIlliniCashNo
Automatic CFOP BillingCampusYesAllNot RequiredCFOPYes
Selected CFOP BillingCampusYesAllRequiredCFOPYes

Scope - Department: this option is set for a group printers in a department.

Scope - Campus: this option must be set for all printers in the system.

MFP/Embedded Devices: multifunction devices (copiers/scanners/printing) running the PaperCut Embedded software.

Users: if the option applies to only users with a UIN or all users (guest, role based, etc) in the system.

PCClient/WebPrint: if the option requires using an extra client running on the workstation.

Billing Type - Personal: either UIN, IlliniCash, or credit depending on the user and printer.

Billing Type - CFOP: always billed to a Banner CFOP account.

Billing Type - IlliniCash: always billed to IlliniCash if the printer is IlliniCash enabled.

Billing Type - None: not billed, only tracked in the system.

Can Restrict: if the option allows setting a limit on the balance used.

Zero Charge & Discounted Printing (Department)

You can specify that some users on your department's billable printers receive no charge when printing. They will see a $0.00 charge for the job in their history. You can also specify that some users get a discounted rate.


Credit Account (Department)

You can request a credit Personal Account for your department that is enabled on the department printers. The account will automatically be selected for users when they print using their Personal Account, but not be used if they select a Shared Account. Credits can be added to this account for users manually or on a scheduled basis (daily, weekly, monthly, semesterly, yearly). After credits are depleted normal billing processes will be applied.


Shared Accounts - CFOP or Tracked (Department)

Users can be presented with a popup of Shared Accounts to use when they print. They can select among their enabled Shared Accounts, or select their Personal Account. If a Shared Account has a CFOP then it will be automatically billed, otherwise the charge will just be tracked in the system.


Individual Shared Accounts (Department)

You can request that the system create a "batch" or "set" of Shared Accounts, where each account is limited to a single user but otherwise acts as a normal Shared Account. Users will need to select their Shared Account at the time they print to use the credit, otherwise their Personal Account will be charged. This option can also be useful if you have a team who prints as themselves on behalf of many other users and you want to track the charges.


IlliniCash Billing (Campus)

All users with the "student" type are enabled for IlliniCash billing by default, but you can enroll other users with a UIN in IlliniCash print billing. If a user is enrolled for IlliniCash then it applies across the entire system on all billable printers that are IlliniCash enabled.


Automatic CFOP Billing (Campus)

You can configure a user for CFOP billing automatically, for all billable printers in the system. Each time a user prints the system will charge it to the CFOP instead of their personal account.


Selected CFOP Billing (Campus)

Users can be presented with a popup of CFOP Shared Accounts to use when they print. They can select among their enabled CFOP Shared Accounts, or select their Personal Account. Charges will automatically be billed by the system to the selected CFOP.