Help Desk, Hola VPN, How to Remove Wi-Fi Security Blocks

Informing customers of the Help Desk how to remove Wi-Fi security blocks as a result of the Hola VPN.
What is the Hola Free VPN?
  • Hola VPN is a free desktop, web, and mobile application that uses a peer-to-peer network (P2P).
  • Users with Hola Free VPN are being Wi-Fi blocked because their computer/device is sending out hundreds of spam messages, and is considered to be infected with malware.
  • Hola VPN has NO encryption to hide your internet activity and personal information making it a conduit for sending malicious spam emails. Why you should Uninstall Hola VPN.
  • Security will block Wi-Fi (IllinoisNet and VPN) for all users that they detect using the Hola Free VPN. Customers that are flagged must Uninstall the Hola VPN on their own.
  • The Help Desk will confirm that the Hola VPN has been successfully uninstalled prior to requesting that the Wi-Fi block be removed.

Please NOTE:

"I have never installed the Hola VPN, this must be a mistake!

It may be an app with another name. Is there any kind of VPN that you are using that maybe has another name? If there is a similar VPN or proxy bypass program that is being used and is malicious, the Mac Address will be blocked.

  • Because malware is a threat to not only your device and information, but also other users on campus, security will block your mobile access to the campus network (IllinoisNet and VPN) until your device is malware-free.

Sample Letter sent from Security:

IP Address: {dest_ip}
MAC Address: {dest_mac}
NetID: {netid}

You are receiving this message because a device belonging to you (details above) has been detected utilizing Hola VPN. Hola VPN is a peer-to-peer VPN service, which means that your internet traffic is routed through another person's computer elsewhere in the world, and other people's internet traffic is routed through yours. Since the beginning of the school year, we have detected over 2 dozen machines sending hundreds of spam messages through the Hola VPN service, since spammers were utilizing their computers as an exit point. This behavior causes our University network to be listed as a spam source and ultimately hurts everyone on our network. As a result, we are going to begin treating Hola VPN as malware, and require it to be removed whenever it is encountered. If you continue to use Hola VPN after this warning, you risk having your computer blocked from the University wireless network.

Uninstalling it from the Add/Remove Programs section of Windows, or uninstalling and moving the program to trash in MacOS, should be sufficient to get rid of Hola VPN. If you still need to use a VPN, it would be much better to utilize a paid VPN, as free VPNs are known for interfering with your internet traffic or violating your privacy by observing it and selling it to advertisers (or worse). Thank you for your attention in this matter.

Customer Steps in the Process:
  1. Security blocks the Wi-Fi, and customers receive an email along with the offending Mac Address.
  2. Customers must Uninstall the Hola Free VPN and agree not to use it again (they cannot erase and re-install) or they will be re-blocked.
  3. Notify the Help Desk and provide the Mac Address from your email that was blocked to have the block removed.


Process for Windows Users:

  1. Uninstall the program from the Add/Remove Programs section of Windows and agree not to use it again or the Mac Address will be re-blocked.
  2. Notify the Help Desk and provide the Mac Address from your email that was blocked to have the block removed.

Uninstall Apps and Features Windows 10Uninstall Windows 7

                  Windows 10 screenshot                                                                 Windows 7 screenshot

Process for Mac Users:
  1. Identify that they have the Hola VPN or other similar type of client installed.
  2. Mac users must force quit to ensure the application is not still running in the background (see the image below).
  • Press these 3 keys together to force quit Command+Option+Escape (similar to pressing Control-Alt-Delete on a PC).
  • Highlight the application, then click Force Quit.
Mac Force Quit
     3. Drag the item to the Trash in the dock, and agree not to use it again or the Mac Address will be re-blocked.
     4. Notify the Help Desk and provide the Mac Address from your email that was blocked to have the block removed.
     5. Mac users who are re-blocked will need to have their OS fairly up to date.

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