Kaltura, In-video Quizzing and Canvas

Due to reliability and accessibility issues, we recommend using Kaltura video quizzes only for ungraded student self-testing, preparation, and other low-stakes applications. If you choose to use the IVQ function for graded work, you can follow these instructions.
Instructors who use Kaltura in-video quizzing should have backup plans for issues such as some students not being able to complete quizzes, or some students' results being lost.   The video quizzing function is best viewed as adding interactivity to a video, rather than a full-featured assessment.
You also have the option of adding a video anywhere inside Canvas (Kaltura, Add a video to Canvas ) including embedding it in a "classic" quiz. 
If you choose to use the IVQ function for graded work, you will need to add an assignment from the Assignments tab, and choose to add an External Tool. This will take you to your media and you can select the quiz to embed. (If you try to add a video quiz to the home page with the "plus" icon, adding it as an external tool here will not work. This is a known issue.) 

Manual Transfer of results:

It is possible you will need to access test results by downloading a .csv file through https://mediaspace.illinois.edu, follow this procedure, from Kaltura's Website:  https://knowledge.kaltura.com/help/kaltura-video-quiz and go to "Show How to View Quiz Reports and Analytics."

If you use Kaltura video quizzes in your course we recommend instructing your students to:
  • Complete a video quiz within four hours of starting it,
  • Complete it before the assignment's due date and available until date and time, and
  • Verify they click the Submit button at the end of the video quiz.

Known Issues:
  • There are several known issues that may prevent the grade from being passed to the Canvas gradebook:
  • If a student starts a video quiz and doesn't complete it within 4 hours, the quiz result will not be passed to the Canvas gradebook. Also, if a student to enters a video quiz assignment before the due/available until date and time, and completes it after that date/time, Canvas will not accept the grade due to it being past the due/available until date and time.
  • Privacy software may prevent the grade from being passed.
  • Unstable internet connections can prevent grades from being transferred.
  • One method of adding a video quiz to Canvas does not work properly. If you use the "plus" icon to add an external tool to the home page, you will be given the option to add a video quiz, but this will not work. It will add a media gallery instead.
  • A student can only take a Kaltura video quiz once.  (Instructors may be able to reset a quiz for individual students. Log into mediaspace.illinois.edu. Choose Analytics from the Actions menu. Click on the Users tab to see individual attempts at the quiz.)  
  • Students using iOS devices with a mobile browser will have trouble viewing Interactive Video Quiz (IVQ) assignments. Workarounds include asking the student to use the Chrome or Firefox on Windows or macOS. iOS users can use the Canvas Student app, or Safari to login to Canvas.  Students will have allow browser cookies.
  • You must hit the "shuffle" button to randomize the answers. 

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