EDDIE/Web Intelligence Rich Client - Input Controls

You can apply multiple input controls at both the report and document levels, and you can group input controls together so that one (or more) is dependent on another (i.e., cascading values).

Input controls provide a convenient, easily accessible way to filter and analyze report data.

They will be located across the top of the Report panel.

Document-level input controls Document-level control icon will be on the left, and report-level input controls Report-level control icon to the right of those.

Location of input controls

When you select values in the input control, you filter the values in the associated report elements by the values you have selected.

You can use input controls to analyze different scenarios by changing the value of variables.

Creating Input Controls

  • Click Manage Filters in the top left corner of the Reports panel, just below File in the Toolbar.

Manage filters button

  • Select Add New Input Control.

New control window

  • Select the object to filter on and give the input control a name.
  • The Current Target section is where you will indicate whether the input control will apply to the current report or to the entire document.
  • Input Control Type is dependent on the object type. For example, Date type objects can have a Calendar control type, and Measures can have Spinner or Slider types.
  • Other options include whether to restrict the list of values, allow selection of all and/or null values, reset on refresh, etc.
  • Click OK when the new input control is configured how you would like.

Managing Input Controls

  • To manage the Input Controls in the document, click Manage Filters, and select Manage Filter Bar.
  • Click the arrow in the row of the input control you want to edit.

Manage filter bar window

Input Control Groups

Two or more input controls at the same level can be grouped so that one (or more) is dependent on another.

In the example below, I have created two input controls - Campus and College. Currently, when I filter Campus to Chicago Campus, my table filters accordingly, but when I click on the College input control, I can still see all Colleges across all Campuses.

Follow these steps to group them together, with College being dependent on Campus, so when I select Chicago Campus I can only see Colleges in the Chicago Campus when I click the College input control.

  • Click Manage Filters in the top left corner of the Reports panel, just below File in the Toolbar, select New Group of Controls and the appropriate control level.

new group

  • In the New Group window, give the group a name, click Add Control, select two or more input controls and click OK.

New group window

Note the + New Control link. You can click here to create your input controls as you are setting up the group.

  • After you add your controls and click OK, make sure the control you want to "lead" is on top of the list and click OK.

New group order

  • Now the input controls are grouped, and whatever Campus is selected will limit the values in the College control.

New group in document

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