FormBuilder - Event sessions - How to edit event session information, including early or late registration dates

FormBuilder forms that have early and late registration price differences are usually set up using sessions to control the dates so the administrators do not have to manually change prices during registration. Occasionally, the administrator needs to extend registration and needs to change the dates on the event sessions. Other parts of a session may also need updated for any reason.

Users need to edit data for an event session, such as dates or pricing.  This also applies when the form has early/late registration pricing - sessions are created to control the dates, so the administrator doesn’t need to go in on the first day of late registration and increase the price (which can mess up payments for those who have already paid the early price).

In some instances, the administrator decides to extend the early registration date, and needs to find where to make the change.  


Navigate to the Dashboard click on Periods in the Data Collection and Form Lifecycle


      Click Edit Event Sessions to open the already-created sessions:

      Edit Session

      Click Edit next to the session that needs changed:

      Edit Session selction

      The session will open. Change data in any of the fields and click Save:

      Update Session

      Title: The session title that is displayed to the user
      Field Name: A field name can be used across periods to link sessions for routing and/or phase permissions
      Description: Description of the session. This will display next to the title for users to see.
      Maximum Registrants: Allows a maximum to be set for the number of registrants.
      Registration Start Date: The start date for the session. Note - the start date is midnight of the date entered.
      Registration End Date: The end date for the session. Note - the end date is midnight of the date entered.
      Session Cost: Allows a dollar amount to be entered for the price of the session. This can be tied to payment line items.

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