NetID - How do I request a new External Affiliate status?

Requesting an External Affiliate status, the initial request form. (Not available to all Units)

This tool is not available to all Units at this time. It is available to UIS and some units within UIUC, it is not available to UIC. We continue to onboard additional units within UIUC over time.

An External Affiliate is typically a person who is not an employee, student, or faculty member that requires a UIN and NetID. This could be a visiting scholar, guest, vendor etc. This is not to be confused with a person requiring only WiFi access, this is handled locally at the campus level.

A new request for an External Affiliate status will typically pertain to three types of people
A sponsor will have been assigned to assist the requester before this request is initiated. The sponsor must be a university employee that will assist in the submission of the new request and is the point of contact for any questions during the process. The employment status of of the sponsor will be validated at submission time.
The unit sponsor will provide the requester a unique URL to access the initial request form:

You will be required to provide this information:

  1. First Name (Required by i-Card)
  2. Last Name (Required by i-Card)
  3. Date of Birth (Required by i-Card)
  4. Gender (Required by i-Card)
  5. University email address of sponsor
  6. Personal email address (Utilized for status notifications or for additional information follow-up)

Optional information

  1. Middle Name
  2. UIN (If known from current or previous University relationship) 
  3. NetID (If known from current or previous University relationship) 
If a NetID and UIN from a current or previous university relationship is entered, this will expedite the approval process. 
If you know your current or previous UIN and NetID, select Yes and enter the information. If it is unknown, leave as "No" and the i-Card office will match for a previously utilized UIN