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UAFR - Updating Item Attributes

Updating Item Attributes
  1. Log in to Biennial Inventory.
  2. Click the Home/Status tab.
  3. Select the appropriate cycle in the View Status field.
  4. Click the View Status button.
  5. Click the appropriate Chart and Org code under the Org column to open the inventory list.
  6. Sort the list using the up or down arrows, if needed.
  7. Click the View/Edit Details button for an item to review its details and attributes.
    NOTE: This opens a new window. You may need to turn off pop-up blockers in your browser to see this window.
  8. Look for the item in its listed location.
  9. Observe the item and compare it to its record.
  10. Click + More Info to view the remaining details. Review all item details and attributes carefully.
  11. If you have found the item and one or more of its details are incorrect, click the Update button.
  12. Type, select, or search for the correct attribute. Repeat for each attribute that needs to be updated.
  13. Click the Add Comment button to add a comment about the change. Skip to step 16 if you don’t want to add a comment.
  14. Type your comment in the text field.
  15. Click the Save icon to save your comment.
  16. Click the Save Changes button to save the attribute updates you made. After saving, the Inventory Detail window closes.
  17. Click the Verified button for that item in the inventory list.
    NOTE: Only click the Verified button if the item has been found. If the item has not been found, do not click Verified.
  18. Repeat steps 7-17 as needed to update an item’s attributes and, if found, verify it. Remember, do not verify an item if it has not been found.
  19. Click the Logout link in the top right corner when you’re done.

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