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UPB - Editing Labor Distributions in PARIS

Editing Labor Distributions in PARIS

Employee payroll events are charged to a C-FOAPAL string or labor distribution specified on the job record. Occasionally, this information needs to be updated or corrected while processing a payroll adjustment. Below are the steps for editing a labor distribution in PARIS.

  1. Go to the Earnings Detail section of the job you are adjusting.
  2. Click the Edit button to modify the C-FOAPAL.

Available fields to update are:

    • COA – Chart of Accounts. A single-digit code that refers to a specific university campus.
    • Index – (Optional) A six-digit code serving as a shortcut to a particular set of Fund, Org and Program codes.
    • Fund – A six-digit code representing an accounting entity. This segment maintains a Fund balance and a cumulative record of the sources and uses of monies.
    • Organization – This code tracks the financial activities by functional reporting units.
    • Account – Only labor account codes can be used to pay salaries/wages for employees.
    • Program – A six-digit code representing functional classifications and sub-classifications.
    • Activity – (Optional) For use in tracking non-budget control financial activities.
    • Location – (Optional) Designates location for cross-campus activity tracking.
    • Hours – Labor distribution hours must equal adjustment hours.
    • Percent – Labor distributions must total 100%.
  1. Select a new COA from the COA menu, if needed.
  2. Highlight the FOAPAL field(s) you are editing.
  3. Type in the correct code(s).
    NOTE: The menus are indexed according to the leading digits entered. Results will only display codes that begin with that specific set of numbers.

Example: Entering 37 in the Organization field for COA 9 yields these results in the menu:

    • 370000 – Univ Ethics & Compliance Ofc
    • 374000 – OBFS – Univ Payroll & Benefits
    • 374001 – OBFS – UPB – Payroll Time Sheet
  1. Enter the total hours associated with the C-FOAPAL in the Hours field.
  2. Enter the percent of labor charges to assign to the C-FOAPAL in the Percent field.
  3. Click the Update button.
    Click the Add button to add a new labor distribution row.
    NOTE: Labor distribution hours must equal adjustment hours and total to 100%.
  4. Click the Remove button next to any unnecessary C-FOAPL rows in the labor distribution.
  5. Click the Save button.
  6. Continue processing the PARIS transaction.

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