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UPB - Editing Labor Distributions in PARIS

You can edit the labor distributions while doing an adjustment in PARIS.

Employee payroll events are charged to a C-FOAPAL string or labor distribution specified on the job record. Occasionally, this information needs to be updated or corrected while processing a payroll adjustment.

Steps for editing a labor distribution in a PARIS adjustment.

Locate the labor distribution to be edited

  1. Select the job you are adjusting in the JOBS accordion.
  2. Go to the Earnings Detail section and locate the adjustment earnings code you have added.

Edit the labor distribution

Available fields to update are:

  • COA – Chart of Accounts. A single-digit code that refers to a specific university campus.
  • Index – (Optional) A six-digit code serving as a shortcut to a particular set of Fund, Org and Program codes.
  • Fund – A six-digit code representing an accounting entity. This segment maintains a Fund balance and a cumulative record of the sources and uses of monies.
  • Organization – This code tracks the financial activities by functional reporting units.
  • Account – Only labor account codes can be used to pay salaries/wages for employees.
  • Program – A six-digit code representing functional classifications and sub-classifications.
  • Activity – (Optional) For use in tracking non-budget control financial activities.
  • Location – (Optional) Designates location for cross-campus activity tracking.
  • Hours – Labor distribution hours must equal adjustment hours.
  • Percent – Labor distributions must total 100%.

Edit an existing C-FOAPAL:

  1. Click the Edit button next to the C-FOAPAL.
  2. Edit the fields that display below the labor distributions.
  3. Select a new COA from the COA menu, if needed.
  4. Highlight the FOAPAL field(s) you are editing.
  5. Type in the correct code(s).
    NOTE: The menus are indexed according to the leading digits entered. Results will only display codes that begin with that specific set of numbers.
    Example: Entering 37 in the Organization field for COA 9 yields these results in the menu:
    • 370000 – Univ Ethics & Compliance Ofc
    • 374000 – University Payroll & Benefits
    • 374001 – UPB – Payroll Time Sheet
  1. Enter the total hours associated with the C-FOAPAL in the Hours field.
  2. Enter the percent of labor charges to assign to the C-FOAPAL in the Percent field.
    NOTE: make sure the total percent equals 100% when you are done making edits.
  3. Click the Update button to the left of the editing fields to save your changes.

Add C-FOAPALs (if needed):

  1. Click the Add LD button below the distribution to add a new labor distribution row.
  2. Select or type in the correct codes as shown in the edit instructions above.
    NOTE: make sure the total percent equals 100% when you are done making edits.
  3. Click the ADD button to the left of the editing fields to save your changes.

Remove C-FOAPALS (if needed):

  1. Click the Remove button next to any unnecessary C-FOAPL rows in the labor distribution.
  2. Click the Save button once all your labor distribution edits are complete.

Balance the labor distributions.

Make sure the total percent equals 100% when you are done making edits.

Continue processing the PARIS adjustment transaction.

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