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UAFR - Conducting a Drill Down

Conducting a Drill Down

One feature of the Financial Summary Trends page is that you can conduct a drill down on specific data points, which allows you to obtain a broader range of information about that specific data point across additional report tabs. By clicking on a specific data point on the Financial Summary tab, the page will populate the drilled-down results for that data on the following report tabs: Account Type Detail, FOP Balances and Transactions.

Drill downs may only be initiated from the Financial Summary report tab, cannot be conducted on totals, and will not carry over to the Graphs tabs, which always provide a five-year comparison of your financial data.

NOTE: If you are using the Firefox browser to view the Financial Summary Trends page, be aware that there is a bug in Firefox that may cause your row and column headings to disappear when you initially conduct a drill down. If this happens, simply hover over the row and column headings with your mouse and they should reappear.

To Conduct a Drill Down

  1. On the Financial Summary report tab, click once on a data point that you want to know more about.
    NOTE: When you conduct a drill down, the data field you clicked on should turn blue and the Financial Summary Trends report will show only the numbers for that data category. A hover box should also appear on screen providing additional details about that data point.
  2. To see the Account Type Details for the data point in this drill down, click the Account Type Details tab.
  3. To see additional information about this drill down in the remaining tabs, click on those report tabs individually.

NOTE: The drill down will not carry over to either of the Graphs tabs. Allow time for data to load in each report tab.

To Undo a Drill Down

  1. To undo your drill down, click on the Financial Summary tab and locate the number you clicked on to drill down.
  2. Click once on the selected number again.

NOTE: The report tab should return to the state it was in before the drill down was conducted.

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