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UAFR - Banner Tags Flow Process

Banner Tags Process

This job aid depicts the process of a new acquisition OTag (Origination tag) record becoming a PTag (Permanent tag) record, including details of situations when a Unit Rep may need to reach out to University Property Accounting and Reporting (UPAR) for assistance.

If your unit purchases equipment through the requisition/purchase order process, PCard, standing order or direct pay, using an Account code of 127XXX or 163XXX, then an OTag record is created in Banner and must be completed in FABweb within 30 days of invoice payment to ensure compliance with the State of Illinois Property Control Act (30 ILCS 605).

In addition, this job aid references another job aid: FABweb Common Issues: Acquisitions.

  1. Invoice Paid in Banner: For Banner and iBuy requisitions, the invoice payment is made by University Payables. For PCard purchases, the PCard transaction is reconciled in Chrome River and transmitted to Banner.
  2. Banner Creates OTag Record: Upon invoice payment, Banner automatically creates OTag record(s) for new acquisition equipment purchases only for invoices coded with Account code ranges of 127XXX and 163XXX.
  3. Unit Rep Views OTag Record in FABweb: Within 24 hours of being created in Banner, an OTag record is available in FABweb for processing by a Unit Rep. If the Unit Rep does not see an OTag record in FABweb as expected, then the Unit Rep must refer to the FABweb Common Issues: Acquisitions job aid for instructions on next steps.
  4. Unit Rep Researches Equipment Purchase: The Unit Rep researches the equipment purchase by reviewing one or more of these sources: the invoice, Banner Fixed Asset Master Query Page, and/or Banner Document History Page. The Unit Rep may also speak directly to the purchase requestor/originator of the purchase order. During the research process, it is a best practice for the Unit Rep to use the PTag Information Form to document the required information for FABweb.
  5. Unit Rep Reviews OTag Record Data: Using the information documented in the PTag Information Form, the Unit Rep must review the OTag record data in FABweb and decide if it is accurate. In particular, the Unit Rep must confirm:
    1. the number of OTag records in FABweb is accurate for the equipment purchase AND
    2. the Organization code, Account code, and cost are all correct on each OTag record If the Unit Rep identifies data errors at this point, then they must move to Step 6. If the Unit Rep does not identify data errors at this point, then they must move to Step 8.
  6. Unit Rep Emails Adjustment Request (if needed): Per the detailed instructions in the FABweb Common Issues: Acquisitions job aid, the Unit Rep must email an adjustment request to their UPAR New Acquisition Processor for OTag record data errors.
  7. UPAR Processes Adjustment Request (if needed): The UPAR New Acquisition Processor will resolve the OTag record data errors reported by the Unit Rep. When appropriate, the UPAR New Acquisition Processor will also email the Unit Rep with a description of the resolution as well as instructions for the Unit Rep to complete and submit the OTag record.
  8. Unit Rep Submits the OTag Record: The Unit Rep completes the OTag record in FABweb by entering all required attributes using the information gathered during research in Step 4. In the PTag # field, under the Unit Info tab, the Unit Rep must assign a PTag reference number if the equipment was obtained from Facilities and Services and a label was sent with the equipment or if the unit assigns their own PTag numbers; otherwise, this field must be left blank for UPAR to enter the PTag number. Once all required attributes are entered on the OTag record in FABweb, then the Unit Rep must submit the record to their UPAR New Acquisition Processor.  
  9. UPAR Approves PTag Number to Finalize Record: The UPAR New Acquisition Processor finalizes the OTag record in FABweb by either accepting the PTag number assigned by the Unit Rep or assigning a PTag number to the record. Once the PTag number is approved (i.e., accepted or assigned), then the record is submitted to Banner inventory.
  10. View PTag Record: Once UPAR approves the submitted record in FABweb, the record is updated in Banner and the unit will be able to view that record in the FABweb Update section.

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