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Ability LMS - Catalog Segment for the Trainer Profile

This document provides directions on how to access, understand, and interact with the Courses segment within Ability LMS for users who have the elevated profile of Trainer.

This document provides directions on how to access, understand, and interact with the Courses segment within Ability LMS for users who have the elevated profile of Trainer.

Accessing and Navigating the Catalog Segment

Access to the Catalogs segment within Ability LMS requires elevated access and is not accessible to general users. You must have either the Trainer or Training Coordinator profile to access this function. If you have questions about elevated access, please contact Learning Systems Support at

The Catalogs segment provides administrative access to learning tracks and catalogs. For Trainers, this is primarily used to manually add employees to a required training.In general, catalogs are used to provide learner access to optional training and learning tracks are used to assign required training to learners.

To access the Catalogs segment, click on Manager Menu in the top navigation bar and then select Catalogs as shown below.

The Catalogs segment will load with a list view of all the catalogs to which you have access based on your profile settings. See the screenshot below for an example view.

You can also search the catalogs list by Catalog ID or Catalog Title. To use the search, enter your search term in the Search box and then click the Go button. In the screenshot below, you can see that the search term “ALMS” was entered into the search box and the catalogs that match that are shown in the catalogs list. You can clear your search at any time by clicking the Reset button.

To open a course, you can click the Catalog Name or the action icon in the far-right column of the list.


Catalog Overview

After selecting a catalog from the list, you are taken to the Learners tab. The Learners tab displays a list of learners and information about their completion status. From this screen, you can check on the statuses of learners and add learners to the catalog.

NOTE: You cannot manually change the status of a learner.

Adding Learners

To add a learner to the Catalog, look for the green plus icon at the top left (see example screenshot below).

After clicking on the green arrow, a new window will launch.

There are multiple options to search for learners, however the most useful will be “UIN” or “Learner Name Reverse”. Below is a screen show showing the two field options with example values.

NOTE: You can only use one search field when using UIN or Learner Name Reverse.

After entering the UIN or Learner Name Reverse, scroll down within the window.

At the bottom left of the window, click the button Find Qualifying Learners.

The window will reload.

Scroll back up to the top of the window if it did not automatically.

You will now see Search Results in the left box. To select the learner from the Search Results, click on their name. A gray highlight should cover the name of the learner.

After highlighting the learner, you will click on the blue button with two arrows pointing right ( >> ). The selected learner will now be added to the box on the right.

Once the learners has been added to the box on the right as shown above, scroll down the window to the bottom. Click the next button in the middle.

The next window will show the learner being added to the catalog.

You must enter a Date Assigned into the field. Typically, it is current date, which will be prefilled. See the screenshot below for an example.

Next, click the radio button next to “Do not send e-mail notifications to assigned learners".

NOTE: Do not use the send email notification function

Click the next button to finish adding the learner to the catalog.

Once the Assign Learners window closes, the catalog overview window will be shown. It refreshes on its own.

Once the window refreshes, your added learner will appear as shown in the example below.

The learner is now in the catalog and can access the training.


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