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UPB - Initiating a Current Pay Adjustment (CPA) for Unpaid Family Bereavement Leave - Monthly Academic Employee

The Family Bereavement Act provides unpaid leave time for additional circumstances related to bereavement and is available to eligible employees.

Effective January 1, 2023, the State of Illinois enacted the Family Bereavement Act. This Act provides unpaid leave time for additional circumstances related to bereavement and is available to any employee who has been employed by the University for at least 12 months and worked at least 1,000 hours in the last 12 months. For additional information related to the policy, please visit Unpaid Family Bereavement Leave in the System Human Resource Service Policy Library.

View the employee’s Payroll Record View (PRV)

  1. Log in to PARIS.
  2. Select the employee to adjust.
    1. Enter the employee’s UIN in the QUICK SEARCH field.
    2. Click the Search button. The Payroll Record View (PRV) opens.
      NOTE: If you don’t have the employee’s UIN, use the EMPLOYEE SEARCH. See the Performing an Advanced Employee Search job aid for help.

Adjust pay

  1. Select Current Pay Adjustment from the TRANSACTIONS menu.
    NOTE: This option is only available when the pay period is open for current pay adjustments. Review the pay periods open for current pay adjustments in the yellow transaction alert window.
  2. Select the jobs to adjust.
    1. Select (expand) the current pay period.
    2. Click the JOBS bar to display each active job for the pay period.
    3. Click the green job bar for the job to adjust. Job Detail opens.
  3. Enter the unpaid family bereavement leave earn code and hours.
    1. Select the FBL – Family Unpaid Bereavement earn code from the New Earn Code Selection menu.
    2. Click the Add New Earn Code button.
    3. Enter the number of unpaid family bereavement leave hours used in the Hours Or Units field.
      NOTE: The FBL earn code is used for tracking and reporting unpaid bereavement leave and does not generate or reduce employee pay.
  4. Determine the total dollar amount to reduce the regular pay. This amount will offset the unpaid family bereavement leave (FBL) taken.
    1. Identify the employee's monthly Assigned Salary from the Jobs bar in PARIS or from the Human Resources Front End (HRFE).
    2. Identify the number of work days in the pay period.
      1. Open the Payroll Schedule.
      2. Locate the number in the column # of Work Days (column B) for the pay period being adjusted.
    3. Calculate the total dollar amount to reduce pay for the pay period:

Monthly Assigned Salary ÷ # Work Days (column B) * FBL days used = total dollar amount to reduce pay

  1. Reduce regular pay to offset the emergency sick leave hours.
    1. Select the ADD – Adjust Dollar Amount earn code from the New Earn Code Selection menu.
    2. Enter the negative -1 in the Hours Or Units field.
    3. Enter the Total Dollar Amount to reduce pay in the Special Rate field.
    4. Click the Save button (lower left) when all entries have been made.
      NOTE: The calculated dollar amounts in the green Amount fields for FBL and ADD may not match due to rounding or the # of Work Days in the pay period. The dollar amount for ADD is correct if the calculation above was used. The FBL earn code is a No Pay earn code that is configured to calculate an hourly rate based on the Assigned Salary ÷ 173.33 hours.
  2. Review changes.

Enter Memo

  1. Type a description for the adjustment.
    1. Click the green MEMOS tab.
    2. Click in the Memo box.
    3. Enter a detailed description explaining the unpaid family bereavement leave situation.
    4. Click the Add button.
    5. If necessary, edit your phone number listed in the INITIATOR PHONE NUMBER field.


  1. Route the transaction.
    1. Click the Route button near the lower left of the screen once all changes have been made.
    2. Successful routing is displayed in the yellow dialogue box at the top of the screen.
      NOTE: To cancel a transaction before routing it, select Delete Entire Transaction from the TRANSACTIONS menu.

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