Business Administrator Path

The Business Administrator (BA) Path is a professional development initiative that provides broad, advanced knowledge for managing business processes and understanding policies, procedures, and resources. The BA Path covers more than 25 individual topics dealing with a wide range of subjects that impact the jobs of business administrators at the University of Illinois System.

The BA Path consists of 13 instructor-led online sessions spread over nine months from September through May, as well as additional self-paced training. The total time commitment for participation is roughly 45 hours, or about 3-5 hours per month.

The 2024-2025 cohort will start in September 2024. Announcements for enrolling in the next BA Path cohort will go out June 2024.

Attendance Format: Live Zoom sessions
Schedule Type: One to two sessions per month September through May
Enrollment Type: Requires supervisor approval

Course List

Acquiring Data and Running Financial Reports

Introduction to the various tools available to managers for getting data and writing financial reports, for example, My-UI-Financials, Mobius View, and EDDIE.

AITS: Delivering Enterprise-wide IT Solutions and Services

Learn about Administrative Technology Services (AITS) and the enterprise information technology support they provide the University of Illinois System.

Budget and Resource Planning

An introduction to budget and resource planning at the university including an overview of the university funding trends, budget model, annual budget cycle, roles and responsibilities of financial managers, and various reports and tools to help units manage operations and achieve their strategic goals.

Business Policies and Procedures: Environment, Development, and Impact

Learn about the process for creating and revising University of Illinois System policies and procedures. Find out how customers are included as stakeholders in the development process, and how the System Office maintains a system-wide standard for policies and procedures. This course will include a discussion on how business and financial policies and procedures relate to other polices in the University of Illinois System and its universities.

Enterprise Risk Management

An overview of the University Enterprise Risk Management framework and process, resources, and tools available including a template for a risk mitigation strategy action plan and risk-based budget planning.

Ethics and Accountability

An overview by the University Ethics and Compliance Office regarding ethical behavior and compliance with laws, rules, and regulations.

External Audits

An overview of audits and examinations conducted annually by the State of Illinois Office of the Auditor General to include a financial audit, as required under Government Auditing Standards (GAS); a compliance audit for State statutes; and a Federal compliance audit (Single Audit), as required by the Single Audit Act and 2 CFR 200 Subpart F. Also discussed will be the Legislative Audit Commission.

External Relations and Communications

This presentation will include a discussion of the services of the University of Illinois System-wide office responsible for media relations and communications, consistent application of the system’s images and messages, and responses to the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

External Relations and Communications: Governmental Relations

An explanation of the functions of the Governmental Relations Office which serves as the University of Illinois System liaison to state, federal and local governments.

Information Security and Related Issues

This presentation will include the annual review related to unit security access, the process to grant access to new employees, the process to terminate access when employees leave or change positions, and other pertinent issues.

Internal Controls for Your Unit

This course will provide an overview of internal control concepts and tools for which to assess the design and strength of your unit’s controls. It will also include information about the State’s Fiscal Control and Internal Auditing Act (FCIAA) certification, basic fraud awareness concepts and procedures, an overview of internal and external audits, and your role in all of these.

Making Payments at the University (Payables Overview)

This presentation will provide an overview of the UPAY organization and its sub-units and services, will present best practices based on polices and protocols necessary for successful and efficient payments to vendors, employees, students, and human subjects, will cover common problems with various payment methods (including purchase orders, travel management, and card-related payments), and will provide advice on how to prevent and resolve such problems.

Meeting Your Technology Needs 

Understanding the technological support available for your unit including infrastructure, network, desktop support, security, etc.

Office of University Counsel

An overview of the Office of University Counsel which provides legal advice and representation to the Board of Trustees, the University and its employees arising out of their official University responsibilities on a variety of legal issues.

Overview of Fund Accounting

An overview of fund accounting at the University, along with tips on how to properly manage some of the common fund types at the University (such as state, ICR, self-supporting, gift, and agency funds) as well as understanding the importance of the account code and program code segments of the C-FOAP accounting string.

Procurement at the University

An overview of the requisition-to-check process with a discussion of how the services of the System Purchasing & Support Services are incorporated into the purchase process including procurement units, systems and strategy.

Procurement Diversity

Information on how Procurement Diversity offices are incorporated into the purchasing process.

Property Accounting

An overview of state and federal regulations and compliance issues along with related university equipment management policies and procedures.

Records and Information Management Services

This presentation focuses information retention and the challenges and risks of records management.

Sponsored Project Lifecycle

A presentation of the complete lifecycle of a sponsored project through the pre-award and post-award processes. Topics include a high-level overview of: Uniform Guidance’s cost principles and allowability, University policies, proposal development and submission, agreement review, and financial management. Additional topics covered: rates developed by University Government Costing, resources for non-financial compliance issues (e.g., OTM, IACUC, IRB, Export Control) and who to contact for information.

System Government Costing

An overview of cost accounting at the Universities, which includes facilities and administrative rates (F&A), fringe benefit rates, tuition remission rates, and service activity rates. Learn about the related rate development and federal negotiation process for F&A, fringe benefit, and tuition remission rates. Attendees will also learn about the importance of maintaining compliant service rate calculations, as well as the available tools, resources, training, and policies for calculating service rates.

System Office Human Resources

Information regarding human resources issues, practices, and policies related to business management at the University of Illinois System.

Tax Compliance and Analysis

The Tax Compliance and Analysis session will provide an overview of the department, tax reform, sales tax matters, and nexus requirements. It will also review tax implications of and reporting requirements for gifts, prizes, and award payments, accountable plan reimbursements rules, and taxability of fringe benefits.

Treasury Operations

A review of the operations managing the system's banking relationships, debt issuance, credit card services, i-card services, investments, risk management, and tax law compliance.

Understanding University Contracts

The course will address various types of non-research and non-payable contracts processed across the University of Illinois System. Attendees will learn: what offices process which types of contracts; red flag and deal breaking issues; how to process contracts at the University; contract policies; contract signature authority; University and State of Illinois contract filing requirements; emerging topics; and real life examples of dos, don’ts, challenges, and pitfalls.

University Access and Equity Units and Diversity in the Workplace

A description of the services of the Office of University Access and Equity, which includes increasing access to employment and diversity, programs, and services in an environment free of unlawful discrimination and harassment. The Office of University Access and Equity also provides confidential consultation, facilitation and mediation services to faculty, academic and support staff. If the department feels they have time, this session will also include information shown as the Faculty Search and Appointment Process course: A detail of the position search process and its requirements as well as the actions and documentation required for initiating the various types of faculty and administrative appointments.

University Bursar

Student assessment, billing, payments, and refunds; student scholarships, tuition waivers, fellowships, and associated tax reporting; student financial holds and collections; non-student receivables (GAR) and University Receivables Policy.

University Human Resources 

Information regarding human resources issues, practices, and policies related to business management at each university.

University of Illinois Foundation

An overview of the fund-raising and private gift-receiving opportunities provided by the University of Illinois Foundation. An overview of the University of Illinois Foundation, an independent, not-for-profit 501C3 organization and its purpose to foster and maintain a mutually beneficial relation between the University and its global alumni community.

University Payroll & Benefits Overview 

Information regarding the payroll cycle including the payroll calendar, processing of tuition waivers, taxable benefits, overpayments, and awards.

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