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Department Card Manager - Order PCard

This article provides step-by-step instructions on Ordering a PCard.

The Department Card Manager (DCM) and Delegate can process new applications.

  1. Login to the PCard Software.
  2. Select PCards from the Manager menu.
  3. Click the Add a New Card button.
  4. Enter the employee’s University Identification Number (UIN) in the UIN field and press the TAB key or click the Find button and the following fields will be populated:
    1. Name
      NOTE: Do not enter the employee name in the Name field. If the field does not populate, contact UPAY Card Services for assistance.
    2. Name on Card
    3. Home Dept.
    4. Date of Birth
    5. Home COA
    6. Merch Cd Profile
    7. Daily Number Limit
    8. Monthly Num Limit
  5. Enter employee information from the PCard Application Information Form in the remaining fields.
    NOTE: Enter the last name or UIN in the Reconciler (Manager Reviewer), Approver (Charge Code Reviewer)*, and Department Manager field and press the TAB key to select an employee for the role. Click the Load icon to select the employee, if applicable.
    NOTE:*PCard software requires that the Reconciler (Manager Reviewer) and Approver (Charge Code Reviewer) boxes be populated, however this information is not sent to Chrome River. Please contact your USC for establishing these roles in Chrome River.
  6. Enter the employee’s UIN in the Ship-To section and press TAB key to populate the campus address.
  7. Update the system address to include Street Number, Room Number, Mail Code or Mail Stop, City, State, and Zip Code or the card will not be delivered.
  8. Enter a comment in the Comments field, if needed.
  9. Select Generate Application from the Status menu.
  10. Click the Save Changes button.
  11. Select Log Off from the File menu.

Please contact UPAY Card Services if you have any questions.

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