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UPB - Entering Your Time for Civil Service Non-Exempt Employees in Web Time Entry

This article provides step-by-step instructions for Civil Service Non-Exempt employees on how to enter time in Web Time Entry 9x.

Civil Service Non-Exempt employees have a set work schedule that populates the timesheet when it is started. Any time that is an exception to the regular work schedule must be reported on the timesheet. Employees must submit timesheets each pay period for the time approver to review even if no exception time occurred.

Start your timesheet.

  1. Log in to the Employee Dashboard.
  2. Select the Enter Time button.
    NOTE: The timesheet will default to the current pay period.
  3. Select the Start Timesheet button. The default work schedule displays.

Edit or add earnings as needed.

Add earnings, such as overtime hours or leave benefits (e.g., sick time, vacation time, holiday pay) and edit the corresponding hours of the work schedule. If you do not need to make any edits, go to step 13.

  1. Select the day of the pay period to edit.
    NOTE: The left and right carousel arrows will assist in displaying the appropriate week of the pay period.
  2. Select the Add Earn Code button (in the middle of the screen below the work schedule).
  3. Choose the desired earn code from the list in the Earn Code field.
  4. In the Hours field, enter the number of hours to be recorded.
  5. Select the Save button (lower right).

If leave benefits or holiday pay was entered, regular earnings must be reduced by the same number of hours.

  1. Remove regular earnings for an entire day:
    1. In the Regular Pay section, select the Delete icon. A warning notice will appear.
    2. Confirm that you want to delete the earnings record by clicking the Yes button.
    3. Select the Save button.


  1. Edit regular earnings for a partial day:
    1. In the Regular Pay section, select the Edit icon.
    2. Change the number of hours in the Hours field so that the total hours for the day are correct.
    3. Select the Save button.
  2. Edit each day as needed. Use the Copy feature to quickly reproduce edits on other days.
    1. Select the Copy icon for the earn code you wish to copy.
    2. Choose the dates or options you want to copy to.
    3. Select the Save button.

Submit the timesheet.

  1. Select the Preview button.
  2. Select the Submit button.

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