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UPB - Recalling a Timesheet from Approved Status in Web Time Entry

The following are instructions are for Approvers and Proxy Approvers. A timesheet that is in an Approved status may be recalled by an Approver or Proxy Approver so that corrections can be made if the time approval window is still open. After the corrections are made, the timesheet must be approved before the approval window closes to be reflected in the employee's upcoming paycheck.

Recall Timesheet Steps for Approvers and Proxy Approvers

An Approver or their Proxy Approver may recall an approved timesheet from either the Timesheet Detail Summary or within the timesheet by selecting the Recall Timesheet button.

If you are a timesheet Approver or Proxy Approver and it is before 5pm on the Time Entry cutoff date in the Payroll Schedule, you may retract your approval of a timesheet. Once recalled, you may either return it to the employee for correction (if it can be resubmitted by noon on the Time Entry Cutoff date) or make the corrections yourself.

Log in to Approve Time.

  1. Log in to the Employee Dashboard.
  2. Select the Approve Time link.

Open the timesheet.

  1. To locate the timesheet, select the Approved bar in the Distribution Status Report and scroll or page through the approved timesheets until the timesheet is found.


Type the UIN in the ID/Name field in the timesheet filter section and press the ENTER key.

  1. Select the approved timesheet to open it.

Recall Timesheet

  1. Select the Recall Timesheet button from the Timesheet Detail Summary to retract the timesheet approval.


Select the Details button and select the Recall Timesheet button to retract the timesheet approval.

NOTE: If the Recall Timesheet button does not appear in either location, you may be in a routing queue with multiple approvers. If another Approver approved the timesheet subsequent to your approval, they must recall the timesheet before this function is available to you. Please see the FAQ question, "Why can't I recall a timesheet that I approved?" on the Web Time Entry 9x Resources page.

Once the timesheet has been recalled, the status should change from Approved to Pending. The system auto-generates a comment to log the recall activity.

You can then proceed with any necessary changes, or select Return for Correction to send it back to the employee. If returned to the employee, the employee must make the corrections and resubmit the timesheet before the Time Entry Cutoff posted in the Payroll Schedule. The corrected timesheet must also be approved by 5pm on the Time Entry Cutoff date.

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