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1What can I do if I get an error saying "there are currently no available resources..." error when attempting to connect to a Virtual Lab computer?1047702020-08-0711
2How do I connect to the Virtual Computer Lab using the desktop application?993662020-08-071577
3What are the different types of submissions in Gradescope?1043952020-08-0630
4What is Gradescope?1042742020-08-0554
5Do I need a different link in Blackboard Learn for each exam or assignment I want to grade in Gradescope?1043542020-08-0499
6How does Gradescope benefit students, instructors, and TAs?1043582020-08-0432
7How do I submit an assignment for a course on Gradescope?1043942020-08-0430
8How do I login to Gradescope with UIC credentials?1043902020-08-0446
9How do I create an assignment in Gradescope?1043532020-08-0428
10What type of assignment questions can I evaluate with Gradescope?1043562020-08-0425
11How Do I Access Another Instructor's Blackboard Course Contents?848262020-08-04704
12What can I do if I need a computer for my class but do not have access to one?1045262020-08-0453
13What does Gradescope do with my data?1043992020-08-0418
14Where can I find resources for VoiceThread?1033072020-08-04118
15How do I obtain access to a paid feature within Qualtrics?928542020-08-03660
16How do I request software to be installed in a classroom, computer lab, or the Virtual Computer Lab?836292020-08-032793
17What software is available through Virtual Computer Lab?997662020-07-292619
18How do I add files to my Blackboard site?860842020-07-28592
19How do I create a test in Blackboard Learn?836792020-07-281393
20Why do questions appear to randomized on my test even though I didn't randomize questions?757422020-07-28747

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