Identity Management, Leaving Campus for Faculty and Staff

This page contains information about what happens to a faculty or staff member's account when they leave campus.

If you are leaving the Urbana campus, access to email and other network services may still be available to you depending on your circumstances.

NOTE: Technology Services system maintenance schedules may allow an account to remain active somewhat longer than the guidelines below. Do not assume that your account will remain active if it has not been deactivated by the given deadline. In addition, keep in mind that violations of University policies regarding computing access may result in the immediate deactivation of your account.

For information about suppressing a faculty/staff electronic entry, please see:  Illinois Directory, How to suppress an employee's electronic entry.

Temporary Leaves of Absence

Disability leave and/or FMLA

In order to retain access to university services, you will need to maintain an appointment by the university. If you are on disability or FMLA leave and have lost access, contact your department regarding your appointment. More information is available here:


Services you continue to receive after retirement:

After you retire (assuming you are entered correctly in Banner as being retired), you will still have access to the following University services and see no interruptions in service:

Services you will lose after retiring:

After you retire, you won't have access to:

Faculty and staff who leave without retiring

Within 30 days after you leave:

30 days after your employment ends, your account will be deactivated. This means you will not be able to log in to any of your university services, including your email. 30 days after your account is deactivated, the contents of your inbox will be permanently deleted. 

If you return to campus in some capacity, mailboxes can be reconnected up to 30 days after your deactivation by submitting a request to the Help Desk (

You may use the Electronic Directory Editor email redirection service to redirect any new email you receive at your campus email address to a different email address. Instructions on how to do so are in the next section.

After deactivation, you will no longer be able to use the IllinoisNet network. If you need wireless internet on campus, you can use IllinoisNet Guest. 

1 year after you leave:

After one year, the Electronic Directory Editor will stop forwarding email that was sent to your campus email address. Before this time is up, make sure that you have informed your email contacts of your new email address.

Setting up email forwarding

If you have another non-University email address, you may begin forwarding your campus email to your it using the Electronic Directory Editor (EDE), which will work for one year after your account is deactivated. The redirection service will forward any email sent to your campus address.

Please note: Current faculty and staff can no longer redirect or auto-forward their university email. Please see this KB for more information: Privacy & Cybersecurity, Faculty and Staff Email Auto-forwarding Retirement FAQ . What this means is that you will not be able to edit your EDE entry until your staff affiliation drops off of your account (approximately 30 days after departure in most cases).

  • Since departed employees cannot log into EDE to edit their entry, they may request auto-forwarding of their Illinois email with their former department, or with the Help Desk.

You should always use as your return address, as email sent to a specific email service like netid@(some-department) (for example, will not be forwarded and will be rejected after your email account is discontinued.

Instructions for setting this up are located here: Email, How to set up email forwarding

Mailing list subscriptions: If you've subscribed to any mailing lists using your campus email address, you will need to change your subscription before your email account is deactivated. Some mailing lists require you to make subscription changes using the same email address that you first subscribed with.

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