Leaving the University? Don't forget your data!

Guidelines for College of Engineering faculty, staff, post-docs, and graduate students who are leaving the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and need to back up personal data.

Before you leave the university, you must take all the data you want to keep and save it to personal devices. You should also transfer ownership or grant access rights to data that you own but that will remain at the university for others before you leave. This is very difficult to do after you leave.

Please respect FERPA, HIPAA, intellectual property rights, and other privacy rules when taking files/data with you from the university.  Some data may require departmental or faculty PI permission.

Moving your Files

Google Apps @ Illinois


Download your Google Apps files using:

Transfer ownership of Google Drive files

 Directions to transfer ownership - Google Drive files such as Google Docs can be transferred from one user to another within the same domain (i.e. @illinois.edu or @gmail.com).

U of I Box

Follow the "Migrating your data guide" to move your U of I Box data to personal Box account.


Download any files you want to non-University storage. 

See the Backup Methods section below for tools on how to copy/backup your files.


Back up Exchange emails, contacts, and calendar info.

Windows Outlook

Follow Microsoft's instructions on how to 'Export or backup email,contacts, and calendar to an Outlook .pst file.'  Make sure you see ALL your mail, otherwise it may only back as much as is cached on the local client. (If you see "more on the server" at the end of your mailbox in searches, you do not have all your mail local). 

The University outlines specific steps to 'Moving Your Email to Another Service.'

If someone else needs access to some email, use the export instructions to create a pst file then transfer the pst file to them. Share the file with the person using departmental shared file space, U of I Box or other shared storage space.

Mac Mail

If you're using Mac Mail for macOS Sierra, Apple support provides instructions on 'Import or export mailboxes.'

If you need to transfer mail to someone else, use Outlook and export to a pst file. Share the file with the person using departmental shared file space, U of I Box or other shared storage space.

Mac Outlook

Outlook App on Mac's instructions for exporting the mailbox is found at, 'Export items to an archive file in Outlook for Mac.'

If you need to transfer mail to someone else, please use Outlook and export to a pst file, then give the person that pst file via saving on a shared space on a file server or box.


There is currently no easy method to export email data through Outlook Web App.  Please use Outlook.

Amazon Web Services - AWS

Download any data that you want to keep to a non-AWS storage.

Please see the documentation below for tools on how to copy/backup your files.

If others will continue using the existing AWS account, please share access to necessary personnel. Please email engrit-help@illinois.edu if the owner of the AWS account is changing.

If no one will will continue using the existing AWS account, fill out an AWS termination form.

Contact info: aws-support@illinois.edu.

Campus Cluster

Download all the data you want to keep. Share access to the cluster to anyone who may need it in the future.

Please see the documentation below for tools on how to copy/backup your files.

Contact info: help@campuscluster.illinois.edu

Active Data Storage - ADS

Use the Data Transfer Options such as SFTP, rsync, GridFTP, or smbclinet on Linux as outlined on the User Guide.

Contact info: help+activedatastorage@ncsa.illinois.edu

Long term data file storage at Library

Download your data and follow the guidelines from the University Library.

Contact info: researchdata@library.illinois.edu


Space owners can use the space export feature to export your space as XML for re-import into confluence, as HTML for static hosting on a standard web server, or as PDF.

Add additional administrators for your space before you leave if it will remain active.



Download the media wanted. Transfer ownership as directed in the guide.

Contact info: techsvc-kaltura-help@illinois.edu


Clone your repository to a personal computer.

Transfer permissions if the repo will remain active.

Backup Methods


If you are moving your Linux  files to another machine that is running ssh server (think - Linux, Unix, Mac) you can use the Rsync tool. Rsync allows for fast incremental file transfer via SSH. Along with rsync you can use Secure FTP or SFTP.

There are a few graphical SFTP clients listed here.


The easiest way to move Windows files is to simply copy them to an external hard drive (or a USB key if the data fits) or up to a cloud provider (Box, Dropbox, Google drive, etc).   Just drag and drop using the interface of your destination of choice.

If you need to pass files along to someone at the university, move them to a shared departmental or research group folder, put them on Box and send an invitation, or talk to Engineering IT (engrit-help@illinois.edu) for the best method.

For more automation, but requiring learning a tool, Windows Users can use tools like Robocopy to copy files from a Windows machine to another Windows machine.

If you still have questions please email engrit-help@illinois.edu


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