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Engineering College Printing

This page gives an overview of printing in the Engineering College.

EWS Lab Printing

This article is mostly about departmental printing. Printing in EWS labs is only supported by visiting the labs themselves, or using web printing. More on EWS lab printing can be found here: EWS Labs, Printing and refund policies

Departmental Printing

Most units have a variety of printers scattered throughout their buildings. For the purposes of this document "units" means Engineering College departments, research groups, or other organizations that may own printers.

Unmanaged printers

Some printers may be managed entirely by the owning unit, in which case you'd need to contact the owner for permission and technical instructions.

Partially- or fully-managed printers

Most printers are owned by a certain unit, but have been added to the Engineering IT print server, so that they can be easily installed, monitored, and secured. Certain select printers are fully managed, maintained, and restocked by Engineering IT, but most are maintained and restocked by the owning unit, where Engineering IT may provide some consultation or facilitation of repair.
Linked below are pages with detailed instructions about how to install a printer from the Engineering IT print server.
Note that you may install most printers on any device, but to successfully print to them, your NetID must be granted print permissions to the printer you're trying to use. Print permissions to printers are managed by the owning unit. Usually you are automatically granted access to a unit's printers when you are added to other access groups used by the unit.
As such, you should make sure the printer you're trying to install actually belongs to your unit. You'll want to know the name of the printer before continuing to the instruction pages.

Department-specific instructions

The instructions above are very generalized. Some units have more specialized instructions available that you may find useful. These may include lists of printer names specific to that department, or customized instructions for installing specialized printers only available in those units. Here are a few of those pages:

Web printing

Most printers managed by Engineering IT can also be printed to via the PaperCut web interface. You can find instructions on how to use this interface on our document about web printing to EWS printers. Please note that some information on that page, regarding printing costs, refunds, etc. won't apply when printing to departmental printers.
As noted above under "Partially- or fully-managed printers", you'll need to know the name of the printer you want to print to, your NetID will need permissions to the printer, and you'll need physical access to the printer. Please do not attempt to print to printers to which you don't have permissions or physical access.


If you believe you should have the appropriate permissions for a given printer, but are unable to print to it, or if you have any other questions or issues with these instructions, please email for assistance.

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