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Vetstar - Discharging a Patient

When a patient is discharged from the hospital, the patient must be discharged in Vetstar also. This will prevent further accumulation of hospital charges and insure the correct discharge date in the record.

Discharging a Patient from Vetstar

Please see the Client Services supervisor for assistance/qustions.

  1. From the home screen type out in the command line and press enter.
  2. The discharge screen will appear. The current date should appear in the Discharge Date field.  
  3. Hit enter and put a Y in the OK? field.
Note: if you accidentally discharge/out a patient that has not left, type admit in the command line and enter through and fill in the hospital charge and save. 


Important: At this point the patient is discharged but the visit is still open.  

Ensure charges are entered

  • Charges should be entered and payment collected before closing the visit.
  • Taxable - nearly always non-table except food, medication, etc. (mainly take home items)
    • Code cc is no tax; cct is taxable
  • If patient is discharged and then a clinician wants to add lab work you MUST ask them what visit it goes with, today or another one?  If today you can reopen the visit by bringing up patient at command line and type Open to reopen the visit. 

Lab Work Only - creg

  • If lab work only, no visit, always open a NEW visit. Do not  attach to an old one or the lab work will appear like it was done in the past.
  • Registration reason, lab work only, patient not seen
  • Visit Type - Change to proper type example CC for clinical cardio,  etc. and SAVE

Collecting Payment - Always collect payment before closing the visit

  1. From the Home screen, type 5 in the command line and hit enter or select the Payment button on the left of the Home screen.
  2. Enter the appropriate clinic SAC or LAC in the clinic field.
  3. Enter the date the transaction occurred in the Tran Date field. 
  4. In the Description field, open a window by double clicking in the field or pressing F4 and search for the appropriate payment type.
  5. In the Reference field, enter the last 4 digits of the credit card number (if applicable).
  6. Enter the transaction amount in the Payment field and hit enter. 
  7. Save out of the screen 

Closing the Visit

  1. Enter c in the Closing Status field. 
  2. Enter through the remaining fields. 
  3. Enter Y in the OK? field. 
  4. The client invoice will open automatically, print one copy for the client. 

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