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SANDI - Charge Entry (Procedure Packages)

Procedure Packages (aka Bundles or Worklists) are procedures that are linked together in a worklist that will automatically pull in the preset list of procedures that can be selected for use. Within SANDI you can select a package and all associated charges will be presented. You can even have certain charges within a package set to be automatically checked for items always used in that package or have them optional.

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  1. Bring up a client/patient in the dashboard. 
  2. Select the arrow next to Charges/Procedure Hx


Additional Menu Options


View Invoice

  • This will generate an invoice for open charges.  The invoice breaks down charges such as taxes, discounts, etc.

Patient History

  • Lists all procedures for the specified patient.

Invoice History

  • Lists all charges, payments and adjustments.

Rx History

  • Lists all Rx dispensation for the specified patient. 

Add Procedure Packages

1. Select Add Procedure Packages.


2. Select the correct Service to display available packages. You can scroll down to see more.  (In our example we chose Oncology)

Important Note: You can choose Cancel, bottom right, at anytime.  This will REMOVE the charges and go back to the Charges Screen.


3. Select the procedure package you want to add. Scroll to see more. (In our example we chose ONC Biopsy 1.)


4. The list of items within the package will be displayed. 

Note: Items that were defaulted to "always be included" will have a check by default. (If you would like to make changed to the items always included please email

5. Select all of the procedures you wish to include by checking the box to the right.

Expand Item Overview:

  • In the example below there is an expand item, under ONC82 ONC Biopsy 1
  • All items with the arrow (DX886, S9 and ONC30) automatically roll in anytime ONC82 is selected.  These items cannot be removed.

6. When finished select Add Selected.


7. At this point you can Post Charges OR select Back and choose another package to add. 

Important Note: You can choose Cancel, bottom right, at anytime.  This will REMOVE the charges and go back to the Charges Screen.

8. To add an additional package, select it from the list and proceed with item selection.  


8. When finished select Post Charges and all items under Post Charges will be added to the charge list


9. You can not review all charges and remove/add items as needed. 

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