Endpoint Services, MECM, Managing Windows 11


This article covers the available MECM features for evaluating Windows 11 compatibility, as well as deploying Windows 11 to new and existing devices.


Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM)

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University of Illinois IT Pros leveraging MECM, hosted by Technology Services' Endpoint Services team

Evaluating Windows 11 compatibility for an existing device

  • Deploy the 'Audit Windows 11 Readiness' configuration item in a configuration baseline to the respective collection
    • The configuration item is located at \Assets and Compliance\Overview\Compliance Settings\Configuration Items in the console
    • This will check that an endpoint meets the Windows 11 minimum system requirements and mark any endpoints that don't meet them as non-compliant
    • Collections based on compliance can be created by right-clicking the deployment of the configuration baseline, selecting ‘Create New Collection’, then selecting the desired compliance status
    • This configuration item leverages Microsoft's Windows 11 Hardware Readiness script
      • Refer to the 'Understanding the Hardware Readiness script output' section to evaluate the output of the baseline
    • View the details of the baseline results at \Monitoring\Overview\Deployments in the console
      • Search for the baseline name and double-click to view the status
      • For details of non-compliance, select the Non-Compliant tab, select an asset under 'Asset Details', then select 'More Details'
    • Please note that additional compatibility considerations for internal and external peripherals may be required

  • For devices that do not meet TPM requirements, determine if the device can be upgraded from TPM 1.2 to TPM 2.0

Deploy and manage Windows 11

  • For new Windows 11 installations:
    • Copy an existing OS deployment task sequence to use for Windows 11 deployments
    • Update the 'Apply Operating System Image' step to use the latest Windows 11 operating system upgrade package
    • Update the 'Apply Driver Package' steps to use the latest Windows 11 drivers for each model
    • If there is a 'Pre-provision BitLocker' step, follow the guidance at this link to resolve a known issue: Resolve error with Pre-provision BitLocker step
    • Deploy the task sequence to the respective OSD collection

  • Upgrade devices with an existing Windows 10 installation:
  • Track your environment's overall count of Windows 11 devices
  • In order to manage Windows 11 updates with MECM, visit https://go.illinois.edu/epshelp, select the 'MECM' service, select 'Microsoft/Office/Windows Updates' under 'Request Type', then fill out the rest of the form

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