Campus Mailing Lists, Unwanted Mail Policy

This page contains guidelines and settings that are available to list owners to control spam on their mailing lists.

What owners can do to control spam

 Unwanted, unsolicited and unexpected email is a broad definition of spam, spam, spam, spam.....   If your list appears to be receiving spam, please see  

Mail List Tools

List owners are expected to manage their lists and make a reasonable attempt to prevent their lists from being abused.  To help with spam control and disruptive subscribers, this software provides a number of tools to assist.

Sender Lists 

The Sender Lists provides a way to block, moderate or allow senders who post to the list.

Blocked Senders - A way to exclude individual email addresses or domains from posting to your list.   Owners can add single email addresses to this list, or entire domains like or entire country codes like *.ru.    
Moderated Senders - senders who need to be moderated before they send to a list.   e.g.   the person who sends rant emails.
Allowed Senders - Senders who are considered safe senders.  e.g. the professor or TAs for a class.

Note:  For each list above must have only one entry per line.

Limit the Subscriber Privileges

We recommend owners lock down these privileges to prevent bots from harvesting their information.

Removing disruptive subscribers from your list(s)


If a list owner is negligent in maintaining his or her list, Technology Services has the authority to shut down the list.

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