Canvas, Suppressing your Profile Picture for Instructors

This page explains the process of changing or suppressing your profile picture in Canvas if you are an instructor.

Profile pictures are automatically uploaded from the university's iCard repository into Canvas once a semester, typically following the 10th day after classes begin; a global announcement will appear in Canvas prior to the upload. The images are uploaded to student profiles as a way for instructors to associate a name with a face in their class. 

If you are a student who wishes to change their profile picture or suppress your image in Canvas, please visit the following Knowledge Base article: Canvas, Suppressing Profile Picture for Students

Change Your Profile Picture

If you would like to change your Canvas profile picture to a picture of your choice OR a grey anonymous icon, you can follow the instructions on this Knowledge Base article: Canvas, How to Upload a Profile Picture  Note: You will have to make this change each semester following the iCard image upload, if you wish to do so.

Suppressing Your Image

If you do not want your iCard picture used as your profile picture now or in the future, you will have to submit a request to suppress your Directory information. The process to submit a request follows below. Note: Please recognize that there are a few disadvantages to suppressing your information:

Instructors who wish to suppress their image from use in Canvas are advised to contact their department Human Resources office. If, for some reason, the department Human Resources office is unable to assist, instructors should contact the Systems Human Resources office at or by phone at 217-333-2600. You can read more about the process of suppression at the following Knowledge Base article: Illinois Directory, How to suppress a Staff member's electronic entry

Unsuppressing Your Image

Instructors who had their home phone number and address suppressed in the Electronic Directory and who now wish to unsuppress it should begin the process by contacting their department Human Resources office.